Trying to write a horror story

October 29, 2010 § 4 Comments

To try and think of a horror story is quite a horrible task. For one there is little or no reality involved in it, if there is then that makes it too horrid to fall under the category of horror.

Once upon a time, ‘horror’ would bring to mind ghosts, vampires, werewolf and the like. But today with all those scary creatures tamed and thralled, there is a lack of fantastic creatures to give you goosebumps and nightmares.

The collective lack of creative, especially the kind which petrifies you and makes you repent your decision to watch or read a particular horror in itself is horrible.

Voldemort before the movies released was scary- he gave me nightmares, because my imagination took him to be a horrible creature of such proportions that wee willy winky would cry with fear . But the films have tamed the poor villain to sound as scary as voltmeter(as the spelling check prompts).

In recent memory, the scariest acting was by a man who no more lives. A certain Ledger, who played a certain Joker. The acting was so profound and real that I was stuck trying to imitate the character (and of course failing) for a week. Then there is the Saw series- movies which are quite horrid and creepy, not merely because of sound effects. But then the series is more perverse than horrifying.

Given the task at hand to imagine something horrible, my creative dry out. Imagine- to sit in front of a computer and to think of the most horrible thing that can happen to you. Power cut? Not when you have a UPS backup. Lightning that blanks your computer out? Maybe, it is quite overcast, but probably not. Twitter-bird pecking you on your nose? That’s sounds funny not scary.

There are legends which draw on full moon and no moon days. But living in a city, rarely spooks you out. Not when every house leaves its lights on. And the poor dogs duly removed of their (pro) creativity no more seem to have the same lust for ghosts and other fantastic creatures. Of course in my case, the very thought of an encounter with a dog is scary, but many see them as their own yes-sirs to wag a tale and attack innocent cows on streets.

I am not a horrible person. I’m trying to force myself to thinking macabre. While the sounds of banshee are quite evocative they seem to stir not the legions of Satan but the hands to mute the television.

Thus with nowhere to start, I shall endure the horrid task of trying to think up something horrible, without touching the likes of waling buckets and flying hands. And to think Scooby-Doo was thought to be too spooky at first. Go figure.


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