To the little boy who turns 19

July 18, 2010 § 16 Comments

Dear kiddo

You have apparently completed one more revolution around the sun. Quite heartening-congrats on this wonderful achievement. I know you have learnt a lot in the past one year. You really aren’t expecting too much this time around are you?

This is what probably is called wisdom- there is nothing great about turning a year older. But I know, you are still that little kid, who wants to have a party(and lots of gifts).

So you are almost out of that college you hate. That is nice. Hope you take the right decisions and get to somewhere. After all, everyone says that you have a lot of potential and I agree with them. But potential alone isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need to keep putting in effort with belief and have a bit of luck(which will come on its own). don’t be disappointed if you aren’t able to do anything as of now- after all you are only 19.

I can understand you don’t like to wait. You like doing things and can’t wait for things to fall in place. But you need to be patient. The planets don’t run as fast as your head-a real pity, but then that is how it is!

Don’t let things hold you back. Have a clear head- I know it is tough but keep trying to. You are an optimist, I know. Don’t worry, things will go your way. Keep believing in what you believe and yourself. Don’t let petty things bother you. Be brave and don’t be afraid of dealing with those small things which trouble you.

Learn to control your temper better. It doesn’t help in anyway, except in making you feel bad. If anything, you should have learnt that life isn’t perfect and people aren’t all that good by now. I know, you like to trust people. You don’t like to be egoistic, selfish. Try to be good to everyone, whatever they say or do.

Growing up isn’t about giving up those good things. And people may come and people may go, but you go on forever. All the best! Remember I will always be there for you, whatever happens. Have an awesome year! hope you succeed in whatever you set out to do!

With loads and loads of love



My Birthday Wishlist

July 3, 2010 § 18 Comments

I know you all love me(well you better love me!), so I will save you all the trouble of thinking about what you need give me for my birthday.

Now, don’t mistake me for being materialist person. I don not mind it, if you aren’t giving me anything, but then isn’t it better when you give me something? Doesn’t save you the time of coming up with good stuff about me?

I am a simple person, but have complex tastes(just like calvin!). I understand that one person cannot buy it all- you can always cross check with others(this post has a comment section, you know?).

So without much further ado, I present my wishlist(of course, there are still the usual stuff from the last list, which no one has bought me yet- #fail I say!).

1) A DSLR Cam:- Well I want one!! I want one!! See even she has one now and I dont 😐 . I can understand that they are costly. But come on, you like me thaaaaaatttttt much don’t you?

2) Alienware:- Well!! It looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!! You haven’t see it yet? Pity. See here.

3) A car:- Na..nothing too great..Any car, except a 800 will do(I can’t get into it, you see). Of course, I will give you free rides, drop you and pick you up 😀

4) Nexus one:- Long time due! We don’t get it in India(not yet, anyway)..

5) Ipad: Well, not top priority…but I would like anyway 😛

6)A huge LCD TV/monitor:- Well for my viewing pleasure 😀

Well I guess the above stuff are slightly expensive..but still…

And if you can’t get me those:-

-Wii games:- I have a wii so…

-Shades/shoes/watches:- Well I will start collecting them 😉

-books:- Lots of them!!!!!!!!! 😀

-Gift vouchers:- Well saves you the trouble of buying something 🙂

-Anything else which doesn’t cause any physical/mental damage/have a negative effect on me.

Please don’t get me gold. I understand it makes good investment sense blah blah blah…but thank you, I want something which I can use 🙂

I don’t mind other stuff. Of course, who doesn’t like gifts and presents? 😀

I am waiting :mrgreen:

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