Lies, and damned lies

May 2, 2021 § Leave a comment

It is difficult to know you are living through an event significant enough that the generations after will look back to it and see it as important enough to be analysed and learnt. Also, it is difficult to know which version of our past is true. All the plagues we have known are little nuggets in eight grade history books, and yet as we live through a disaster, a calamity today, the over-arching sense of the movement refuses to leave us.

We may have chuckled at the Monty Python sketch where the dead are piled up and taken away in carts during the plague, but we certainly cannot laugh at what’s happening in India today.

The horror. It refuses to sink in. When did we descend into this chaos, this hell, that lakhs struggle to find a way to breath? But more then when, which can wait future forensics, the most important is how.

There’s a sense of injustice in what’s happening. None of us ever paid attention to the rats perspective as pied-piper lead them away, but maybe today we know how they may have felt. People outside hospitals, families and villages wiped out, queues outside crematorium, panicked messages on all social media platforms requesting for oxygen, medicines, and a chance to save the life of a loved one.

If we as a nation have to hang our heads in shame together, with our pride needled and poked and deflated that we may still swallow and cry our selves to sleep. But when the lies, the damned lies and nothing but the damned lies are what’s plastered, repeated and almost made to feel like the truth, then there’s no we, there’s us the nation, and them, the pied-pipers who dare lead us astray and run over all those who as much as squeak in displeasure.

Into the holy Ganga we were led for a Kumbh Mela. The best way for you to escape this hell is to wash your sins and head to an apparent heaven in after-life. And elections across states with campaigns where into suffocating lorries and vans we were hurdled and lead to listen to one piper after another convince us that everything is fine if you just believed so.

It is damned lies that everything is fine. It is damned lies that there’s enough resources for everyone. It is damned lies that are made-up statistics. It is damned lies that the pipers parrot for all to hear.

But that it isn’t all. There’s more onus on you and me who speak on the internet, who seek help and hope some luck, some force, or a bloody flying saucer in the sky will save us from this mess. Censor your words, dare not question and bow.

Dare question and we shall send you to rat traps that are our jails, where the virus runs free, as if they are lesser humans. Dare speak, and we have the weight of law, the fist of justice all too ready to deal a blow. Courts can try directing oxygen all they want, and reprimand all the secretaries they want, but none dare question the Piper-in-chief.

We are living through a dystopia. Our lives, lively hoods, our existence, and future all can be squashed in an instant. And there won’t be anyone to question it- how can they when they are trying to save their own? Do you think about the ICU bed your parents need or do you think of some lone activist who dares to question?

This isn’t political, it is humanitarian. And if people, we people come first, it is time to question, to make ourselves heard. Someone in the future is looking at us, and it is left to decide how we are seen—do we let the piper lead us to the bottom of the netherworlds, or do we stand up and be heard for ourselves.  


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