Something a bit personal

October 28, 2013 § 6 Comments

At 22, I believe that my head has acquired a certain stability it didn’t possess earlier. As in, my head doesn’t run off into its own set of issues. It doesn’t feel that angst any more. Maybe that tough phase earlier in the year has made it grasp aspects of reality better.

On one side I feel I can do whatever I set out to do. The whole world seems out there and yet this comes with the taming rider that there are things which you have to do which you might not like to do. But then, you are of the inspired lot, who believes in setting out and doing things, a better commitment to yield to than the other.

On the other side is that last bit of 20,21 uncertainty- the prospects of a many years ahead seem scary and the moment seems to linger in abeyance, especially with the impending exams. The effort to put my head down and prepare for these exams has needed quite a resolve, but then you realize that there is nothing you can do about feeling let down. And no matter of introspection or thought out reasoning helps change what happened, rather a perspective, one coated with positivity is need to counter the intuitive rebel, that need to break out or worse that little kid who cries over stolen candy.

My friend’s death has affected me in very strange ways, it has in a way made me resolve to be stronger and yet it has left me questioning my own resolve to get through those long dark days.

At a certain level I have tried to become ruthless, ruthless in not allowing self-pity get in the way any more. There was a period where I had set out on a mad dash to do certain things, mostly to prove to whoever, I don’t know what. And in a way Bookrack let me feel that I could do that and though it no more is, it gave me the confidence that I am a capable person.

June 16- September 16 was probably the toughest time in my life- because I suddenly had to face emotions which stemmed from events which affected my physical world. I surprised myself by coming out of it stronger, and most importantly stabler than ever. The Hampi trip helped me greatly, this poem was written inspired by that wonderful place. Β I have stopped tweeting for over two months now, another change which has (surprisingly) helped me find more clarity in where I stand.

A week away from the exams, there is a bitter-sweet taste which lingers. The way I see people has also changed, a shift in perspective which seems broader than ever, but at the same time which points out rather sharply the skewed world we live in. There is a needed effort to look beyond and accept the landscape as it is, not merely as itself but as a sum of histories, of individual and of people to reconcile the place I stand at. While that might sound rather vague, what it does mean is to not feel dejected but instead to keep your head.

That fear of becoming a character out of an Auster novel abets itself with this sort of self imprisonment I have imposed on myself(exam prep) but accepting distances makes you feel a sense of security and lets the planes of imagination guide you through.

It has been quite a while(years, in fact) since I wrote something this personal on a blog. But there was this sudden urge to write. What’s important is to hold on and to enjoy the ride, I guess.

§ 6 Responses to Something a bit personal

  • Hugs…. And loads of wishes for the exams :-))

  • furreekatt says:

    So sorry to hear about the death of your friend. RIP.

    Good luck for your exams! I’m sure you’ll do well. Not tweeting makes everything better, right? I feel really good about a lot of things now that I have stopped tweeting at the rate I used to.

    Sometimes it’s good to share stuff with people, be it through your blog or other mediums. I always find blogging as a stress reducer and like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

    Take care & all the best!


  • Srini says:

    Beautifully put – and echoes the theme of the post in a sentence:

    “There is a needed effort to look beyond and accept the landscape as it is, not merely as itself but as a sum of histories, of individual and of people to reconcile the place I stand at[…]”

    I was telling a friend the other day that doing what needs to be done requires courage. Perhaps because I am (in my view) deficient at it, I find it easily when I see it in others – like you. That kind of courage inspires me to keep going even when there is no end in sight πŸ™‚

    PS: Should I be a grammar ____ and say something? Text me please, if you are interested. πŸ˜€

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