How I ended up with a S5

July 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Badly written post ahead.

As many of you might already know, I am going through quite a torrid time emotionally. But then, all that is just a joke away from disappearing. Or so I believe life should be such.

Anyway, in between all that happened, my phone decided to retire from active service, claim its pension and relax in a phony heaven. Since it has now been replaced, it will be called the old one, and the new phone will be called the phone, since nothing is new in this world anyway(insert Oogway voice.)

This isn’t a review of the phone. Not because I don’t know how to write a review, rather I don’t want to review it. You see this phone is a gamble, where without much thought I put my money into something which I have no clue about( no this is not an investment.)

Here’s the low down on how I landed up with the phone which also acts as a portable pancake maker.

It all started a few months ago…

Like any tech-savvy, twenty one year old, I researched online so much about the phone I covet, that I was waiting for howlers from the ecom. sites or maybe have some random government agency from some random country(It is the Americans! always!!!) take me in, fearing some sort of weird cool cyber attack which will immediately strengthen the rupee so much that the markets will crash anyway. And by acquiring wisdom through engadget and techcrunch and couple of other websites which deserve a mention but I cannot remember, I arrived at a couple of phones which were worthy of my consideration.

The next step involved tweeting about those phones which caught my fancy and some of them being summarily dismissed by experts on music, dance, politics and what not like a bail petition by whichever 420 the media currently fancies. There were a few additions as well, which were put through the rigors of step 1.

As any sane person knows, no one can hold more than seven choices in their head at the same time, but the number is much closer to zero if you have to compare the billion zillion things that make up a phone. Most sites allow you to compare four phones at a time, which is fine if you have already narrowed it down to four things. Ask any stockbroker and they will advice you against having just four choices- DIVERSIFY! Hence, in effect I was lost somewhere thanks to apple maps, while trying to find a way out using Nokia maps.

Being terribly confused anyway even after all the research, over the period of whatever months, I visited enough stores to recognize a store keeper at the local bank. Still not convinced, steps 1,2 and 3 continued, every now and then a step 4 propped its head up- calling friends to find out about specific devices which they or someone they know(like their dog) happened to own.

And this continued till on the day before a roadtrip, I finally made my mind up and decided to ask an astrologer.Instead I decided to go for a Nokia. (edited out about a 1000 words, to cut a super boring story short, I didn’t buy the Nokia.)

A lot of things happened after that(read the previous posts) and while I was in genuine grief and contemplating spending a couple of days at home having an existential crisis , my phone decided that it had had enough of being dropped, crushed, bullied and what not.

Now my choice of phone had not changed, but there was a lot of doubt in my head. I’m one of those who is extremely fond of google, because they have all my data, my entire search history and stalking records, which they read and use to show me ads, but more so because they seem to be the only sensible people left in the world. Hence I wanted to stick to android.

I can gladly say that in all the 40-50 shops I visited in the city, not one store guy knew how to sell a phone. They couldn’t sell a 50 paise chocolate if they tried. And none of them knew enough about what they were selling. To me this is important- I buy laptops only from a guy who knows how to fix them, phones from a guy who knows what’s tethering etc. In a sense, I look for a shopping experience, else there are the websites to buy anyway.

The experience is important to me, because it gives a comfort level. In a market where there are similar things at different prices and different things at similar prices, I still want the shop guy to show me choices, talk to me and come up with his own recommendation. This is because, I trust them to have sold enough and provided service to enough people to be able to see what fits my requirement. And the good ones invariably do bring out a couple of options which you never thought about.

This works at this stage, because you already know about the other options and offers, and have already chosen from them. Now it is about choosing one from the three(if you will) and going with it. This isn’t with respect to a particular buy, as far as my memory goes, this is how I have always bought all my gadgets(except my camera.)

So there is this one store, where I finally managed to find a guy who not only offered a decent price for my (almost) dead mobile but also fulfill by need for a shopping experience.

He laid out my choices and convinced me to not go for the phone I had decided, even though I had already decided to live with its vices(arrange marriages  work.)

After many stupid jokes on Indian brands and weird ads by them, I decided to gamble and go for something he recommended. What was impressive was the way he pushed his choice- he didn’t rattle out a long list of features, rather he talked other customers’ experience, after sale service and such which made it seem like a more compulsive buy.

I am a proud owner of Karbonn S5, trolling Samsung users since 20 June 2013.



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