Education, Discrimination, er…what’s really happening?

April 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

It was quite disheartening to read this – ‘Having Them In Our Classroom’

This is the reality we face today.  DISCRIMINATE. That’s the order of the day. Where did the country fail?

Is it the divide and rule, vote bank politics? But such a system would not have risen without it already present. Maybe, we are searching for an identity, something to fulfill the need to belong? Is it that we feel historically lost and are willing to accept any interpretation, anything anyone says as our identity? Or is it that we have failed to understand the difference between culture and religion? Culture changes with time, while religion tends to remain behind. If children from educated families, who have access to the best resources in the country, think like this, where are we heading?

On the RTE- read this by Harini Calamur

I agree, it is time to force the change and that it should be applicable to all. But first do we have the infrastructure and the people to implement it? Have enough trails been done to document the effects of such a sudden change? Not just if the children can cope but the psychological impact.

Our private schools are all not equal. As such, our education system lags behind the best in the world, to say the least. Little is done to address the problems at grass root level. Our schools do not have enough teachers( As a society, I wonder if we show the same respect to teachers which the earlier generations showed.) Teaching as a profession does not attract enough people- simply because teachers are underpaid. Grants, funds etc are squandered, cornered and embezzled.

Many of the private schools are also funded by religious/interest groups. We are looking at kids being forced into a different culture. While this shouldn’t be a problem if the schools are willing to help the kids in orienting themselves with the new environment, will they have the resources to do so? And will they be willing to do so?

Confronting the class divide is good but if we are not properly equipped, we could polarize classrooms. If nothing, we need to try it out to see what happens before implementing it.  You can’t compensate for the failure of a system simply by creating more reservations.




§ 4 Responses to Education, Discrimination, er…what’s really happening?

  • Reema says:

    A lot of changes are required not only in infrastructure but also in the mindsets of people especially teachers and admin people before the actual implementation begins

  • Smitha says:

    It is so very complex, isn’t it? I have been reading about this, and to be honest, it is very, very complex.

    I can’t help wondering if the govt is not taking up it’s own responsibility of ensuring that every child has access to education..

    I totally agree with your concluding para, especially – ‘You can’t compensate for the failure of a system simply by creating more reservations.’ Which is exactly what our govt seems to be doing.. I just hope that the schools implement this properly and at least some of the underprivileged children do get the education that they truly deserve.

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