In the end

April 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

I voted for the first time today. But the reality is of course, we are going to have one of the usual suspects back in power and their party goons ruling the streets. Nothing is ever too evident, but everyone knows.

This collective conscience called country, sees, hears, knows, understands and lives in the very things it rejects. Corruption is a small yet a verypowerful word, but we Indians don’t flinch, we know it is inevitable. After all, corruption isn’t about your neighbours or relatives but about you. Each and everyone of us contribute to it.

The media had a field day covering a septuagenarian’s effort to try and wake up the people. Who are we kidding? Yes twitter, facebook were abuzz and many even took the initiative to come up events. But as I expected the protests ended as IPL started- a wise move too, it was just filler news. You can argue all you want- but that is what it is.

Corruption might not be in our DNA, but it is at least a tradition. In a country where breaking traditions are a taboo, it will be tough. By taking on corruption we are taking on the ‘culture’ we were brought up in. We are rebelling ourselves, we are trying to defy ourselves and disturbing the adjustments we have made to if not live, to survive.

It isn’t just me, there are others who I am sure feel the same. Let us leave aside the Lokpal Bill as such. After all why do we have a CVC, CAG, CBI etc? And look at what can actually be done. Is it even practical for us to rebel? We are not trying to rebel against a particular government or group, but the system. We are the Party, we are the Big Brother. The beauty is that one cannot sell to oneself. The profit is made by the Syndicate, which everyone is a part of. John Galt doesn’t matter, for there isn’t a need for an engine. Those who do want a better engine, can pay him through and through.

Who is the enemy is all I wonder. At a personal level, we are taught 2+2=4 in kindergarten and made to change it later(Room 101 is reality I guess) . But does it matter what 2+2 really = ? You need to be either at the top or at the bottom(either the Inner party or the Proles) to survive. The middle is too nasty, you are nothing but puppets who follow the gaze of big brother and live stunned in fear.

I leave this post, incomplete because I don’t feel like saying anything more.

§ 2 Responses to In the end

  • Nita says:

    Ofcourse it is practical to rebel. Democracy needs patience. You voted, and that’s a great start. If more like you vote, and less illiterate and ignorant people vote, then our country will change. We should not be romantics and expect changes overnight, of even after some years. It will take years to undo the rot that was created.

  • Reema says:

    The importance of voting was shown by the people of Bengal. The CPM rule of 2 decades was ousted at last!

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