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Well researched, exciting and clever.

There are two plots in the book one set in a time about 2300 years ago during the time of Chandragupta and one in present day. The two protagonists have different backgrounds but soon you can see a common thread. The author uses a mantra to connect the two and they share the same umbilical cord, so to speak.

The book is well researched and the story is compelling. It does not become predictive, simply because though the actions taken by Chanakya and Gangasagar maybe the same in essence, their circumstances are completely different. Both the characters develop with the story- in the end we finally see the full picture of two great men. While the nexus is conspicuous, the reason isn’t-we come to understand it only in the end.

The style is simple and the protagonists’ observations and dialogue are sharp and witty. The plans are extensive and well thought out- each move is calculated and meticulously planned. At no point do you feel, it was all too easy. Chandini(Gangasagar’s protegee) and Chandragupta are no means puppets to the mentors, they are genuine leaders.

I like the fact that, the author talks about doing good to people, even when the politics is back bending and ridiculously unscrupulous. The success of the plots is dependent on other characters’ trust on the two king makers and it isn’t blind trust but one of mutual understanding.

The book shows us that politics is not about only pulling each other’s hair, but involves much more and requires the understand of a lot of varied fields. Overall, a well researched, thought out and written book exciting, thrilling and an enjoyable book.

Rating:- 8/10

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