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January 19, 2011 § 11 Comments

Sitting on top of a backwater, with slow internet, no TV, sipping tea-sounds like bliss? Not really. I am not on a holiday, but there is enough here to convince but when you spend 8 hours of your day working(including lunch, two teas etc) you I am not joking. The saddest part is that though I am sure to have a very clear view of the sun dipping away, work has ensured I cannot watch it.

This is a very laid back city compared to Chennai. Shops start shutting down by 7pm. People turn up to work at 10. No one really seems to care much about anything. The roads just about define this place- they are neat but horrible. For a guy who lives in T Nagar, it is very hard to swallow the fact that there are places where the roads can be empty at 7pm, but it is true.

I am extremely impressed with the autos here though! 60 bucks for some 7 kms(and we were stuck in traffic, if you call it that) as well. I almost gave the guy more money- just can’t believe it can be that cheap!

I have heard people from Bombay tell me that Chennai is laid back- I can understand, how they feel now. You are used to things moving at a certain pace. You are also used to finding things easily- like a hotel. Not many vegetarian hotels around. In fact they call the veg. hotels as “Tamil Hotels”, as apparently they are run by Tamilians. I saw beef roasting away on a road side shop, with smoking pouring out  today- I am more used to the aroma of filter coffee, that is all.

Taking of coffee- people here make terrible coffee(except the Tamil hotels). Bru is not coffee. Filter coffee, is coffee. Never make the mistake of asking for coffee. The tea here is different though. Planning to ask one of the chetas(not to be mistaken with chetan bhagats of the world, these are way cooler people- so cool that not even a 100 CB books will infuriate them) how to make tea.

The TVs in this stupid guest have apparently gone bust. Missed Indias match and will miss Arsenal as well, I think. The very prospect saddens me, have to work something out.

I haven’t gone out much. Office-hotel-guest house-office seems the routine. Apparently there is nothing you can do here after 6 as most of the things start shutting down.

Over all thrown in some good roads and inspire the people a bit- this place could be wonderful. Kocha effort edukum, that’s all.



§ 11 Responses to Kocha post

  • Kiran says:

    I agree with you about coffee. Nothing can beat the great taste of freshly ground and brewed coffee 🙂

  • Ordinary Guy says:

    where are u? in kochi?

    the smell of beef fry is so much better than coffee!

    and yeah, enjoy Kerala!
    and btw, I think u meant to say “kochu post”

  • Ordinary Guy says:

    and our coffee might not be that good; but our tea is infinately better 😀

  • Swaram says:

    Sigh! U r so rt! Kaapi is filter kaapi! Hw I wish ppl understand that hmmpf!

  • Aarti says:

    So true.. kerala is so laid back, i wonder how they get anything done

    Oh dont get me started on coffee, but in the resort we stayed in – the coffee was good!! 🙂

    Enjoy!! do sneak out few mins here and there to look around…

  • Shivya says:

    Are you somewhere in Kerala? Don’t sound so bitter; work days will get better 🙂

    Think of it this way. Most people are slogging just as you are, if not more, and they don’t even remotely have the luxury of being on the pretty shores of a backwaters. Whatever you’re doing, it’s atleast better then being caught in a rusted old building!

  • Jeevan says:

    filter coffee? ithu Bru da. hehe

    enjoy the peace and pleasant of kerala 🙂

  • sajeev kumar says:

    nice vivid imagery of kerala

  • p says:

    Hi friend.
    I am going to do a thorough review of blogs on my blogroll. Your blog is already listed there but might or might not be selected after the review. If you have anything to say about your blog, do so by commenting on ‘Submit A Blog’ post on it.

  • Manoj says:

    Seems like God’s own country is taking its toll on you..With missed words and apostrophes, and a very perfunctory style that is normally not seen in your posts , I can make out how frustrated you are!! 😛

  • Reema says:

    Kerala is on my to visit since so long. Hope to visit this year!

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