Onions please, thank you

December 21, 2010 § 7 Comments

So I broke up today- I gave up my domain.

I probably should feel dejected, but we did agree to just try. I was in love, but hey, we weren’t going anywhere. The same old, same old- nobody cared about us really. That was the saddest part. One part of  ‘going out‘  is others going “awww…” or whatever, I think. But considering I have never ‘gone out’, I am most probably wrong.

The whole leg and almost died story sells no more. That’s the problem of living in a society which is a slave to Gates. I passed that spot today- the hole is still open. Well time to invite Tiger Woods or wait, Booooo Weekly or Yearning Elfs or whoever to come and play on our roads.

I’m planning to gift a kilo of onion to everyone on new year, after all people like expensive gifts, right? I am extremely bored right now. Went to a slam poetry competition. Fad wonly. What’s with love poetry anyway? Take a hike. There is this Gandalf/ evil twin of Dumbledore/ future Ramdev white granddad who teaches gay studies in some university- he told people to grow up and not be illiterate. Apparently we are to try to emulate a certain Rushdie, is what I surmised. Stupid fellow.

The event on the whole was crappy. Love poem after love poem – depressing. Everyone seems to be in love. Pheromones overload. Am the only one who seems to be stuck with Platonic love?  Think I should move on to Limerence now.

One thing which I love is the way wp.calm makes me write nonsense. I thought, people would read my blog even when I move to self-hosted(and click on ads?) but hey, I was wrong. Guess this whole thing was a mistake. WTH! Who cares, eat an onion.

I am reading Douglas Adams. Genius! he gives me hope- there is a chance for crazy people like me to do something worthwhile and become rich. Rather rich enough. That enough is probably not 42, though(see am making references, bah!).

Kweezzzing, is another nice obsession. You can show off ya! Like big time ya! lol..heheheheahahahaha…whatever. Too many people with weird fake accents.

Everything is boring. Mutual indifference or well at least I’m trying to keep up my part of the bargain. Everything is depressing. Blah! I don’t trust anyone or anything. All liars and hypocrites. I shall add myself to the list- I want to blend in or whatever. This is hopeless really, trying to write.

Whatever…Alium Cepa! yo!

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