THE TIME MACHINE by H.G.WELLS(book review)

December 7, 2010 § 28 Comments

The Time Machine by H.G.Wells

What a book! Crisp and fascinating!

You can’t help admire, imagine and feel inspired by the book. This first person narrative(we do not know the name of the narrator) tells us about the time-travelers journey into the future.

In the year 820,701 humanity has divided into two spices- Murlocks and Eloi.The Elois are a childish, androgynous and small people, who live in what seems like a perfect communist society. The Murlocks are the labour class transformed- they live underground, provide for the Eloi and eat them(cattle class, anyone?).

The Time-traveler’s time machine is stolen by the Murlocks and he goes about trying to recover it. He rescues Weena from drowning and with her explores the London landscape. In the end, he falls for what surely is a bait, but reacts fast enough to escape.

I love the concept, the thought and the representation of the future humanity. I used to shy away from fantasy and Sci-fi, but now I have come to love them! The authors use the setting to talk about their times, the socio-political, religious, economic and scientific climate. Empirically, we still face many of the problems faced back then. No wonder this is a classic!

A must read!



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