Where G does not mean Gorta, Genius or Gunda

November 2, 2010 § 7 Comments

3G is the talk of the town! Save up people, don’t buy crackers, buy a 3G phone!

Like chocolate, chilies and coffee and our love for Brazilian football teams, 3G arrives late, very late. So late that we are apparently a generation behind(but aren’t we the young nation where about 50% of the population is young?).  But in true Rajini style- latea vandhalum latesta varum!( even if it is late, it will be the latest).


Hopefully it will be true- but am still disappointed that none of the operators want to ‘carry’ the phones. But then trying to carry material across the country and to erect towers must be a tough job(that counting expedition taught me that!). Not to mention the price wars- the prices are going to get so slow, that terrorists are going to use Indian SIMs from now on.

So what difference is 3G going to make to you and me? Blackberry users no more will be black-veri(black with anger) users? Pickpackets can forget their profession and become mobile bill agents?

Apparently that tiny front camera on your mobile can be used to make video calls! Yay! ( Can you see me? Can you see me? No? Hello? Hello? Can you see me? ).

I can finally send a tweet in under a minute and rant about how bored I’m simply because the refined pass time of staring-at-your-mobile-and-waiting-for-a-tweet-to-be-sent will come to an end(a minute of silence please, thank you).  On the plus side I might finally use foursquare and tell those kidnappers and stalkers my exact location.

You can watch live TV they say! And hopefully that will cost you lesser than your life(imagine people watching a cricket match while driving! and no cars won’t drive themselves).

Am not too sure, how the battery will hold on 3G mobiles. For a country obsessed with mileage, vintage and wastage(not.), battery running out in a couple hours will be a problem. We will have to run behind sockets(time to create a list on twitter called socket fighters?).

On the plus side, people can reach the flower lady, vegetable vendor and paperwallah, clearly, CLEARLY. Finally they won’t depend on the wind to carry their voice to the next street(why do people shout on phones?). And if the operators are kind enough, we will have data plans, that won’t cost you the GDP of a tiny nation. You will be able to see the flowers/vegetables before you buy. And then the lady/fellow will teleport it via the phone! Voila!

The waiting game will most probably be replaced by the weighting game, thanks to longer mobile bills. While they say prices will be low, our definition of height has always been obscure. This just means a bad BMI, which apparently shows prosperity, in our country, so well we are fine I guess.

So there- you have plenty of reasons to go 3G(especially DOCOMO 3G). Where G finally does not mean Gotra, Genius or Gunda. Where finally the world has recognized that something which can hear us and tell others about us deserves respect(forgive their spelling G or ji it doesn’t matter). Where pug dogs and single lost men shall lose out to a bunch of people obsessed with spot marching.

P.S:- This post is for the 3G life contest by Tata Docomo on Indiblogger.  Go to my POST , log in to Indiblogger and click on that heart button. Thank you.


§ 7 Responses to Where G does not mean Gorta, Genius or Gunda

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