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When you decide to recreate a Hitchcock on stage, the expectations are huge. And it takes some spunk to have only four people play the various characters and hope to pull it off.

There are a few scenes which make go “wow!”. A bit of overacting here and there, but hey! that can be forgiven. The play is  fun and entertaining to watch(it is EVAM , after all).

Naveen who plays Mr. Hannay( the only one who plays one single role) is consistent and brings a calm to the whole play. Sunil Vishnu and Karthik Srivinvas play some 40 characters each. They bounce a little, hop a little, dance a little and basically make the stage lively. Renu who plays the important female characters is not only good looking but also can act!

The way the props are used is nice. Infact, the scenes which involve the window and  the car are some of the funniest ones. Bhargav Ramakrishnan has done a very nice job directing the play. The one that really left an impression was the scene where two actors quickly changed from one character to another by changing hat!

I would say don’t compare it to the movie(Hitchcock is Hitchcock) and you will find the play is pretty good. One thing which I would have preferred though is Mr.memory and probably a couple of more characters  being a little bit more serious. This might make the other characters more funny.

So can Hitchcock be funny? Watch it and decide. EVAM’s 39 Steps is on at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Auditorium, Lady Andal school, Chetpet on the 29(7:30 pm) and 30(3:30 pm & 7:30 pm) of October. Tickets are available at Landmark outlets and indianstage.in.


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