Waking up

October 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

The second you open your eyes. Reality takes a moment or two to make an impact, but once it finds the needed space, it break in. Who are you to complain about privacy? I’m reality, it tells you. It’s like agents in movies- where it goes, there is no right, except its own right to invade and do what it is ordered to do.

As you take your mobile out to check the time and messages, the day plays in your head. Whether you like it or not, you have no option- this is it, this is reality.


There are days when you wake up rather hurriedly, aware that the day might just be yours- maybe for once you get to paint the world in which ever colour you want. Maybe words will not choke you- maybe they will flow out of you, if words are your preferred ink.

You hear horns blazing, vendors and people shouting- not a perfect way to begin your day- but inevitable when your room is near the road. Your heart functions at a rate much higher than what would be called normal. The smells of the day add to the chaos- of food being cooked, of the heat and the agarbathi noticeable among others.

As you pick up the water bottle and gulp down about 300ml of the liquid, your mind finally decides what mood it is. Sometimes you are grumpy, sometimes all smiles. The secret to be all smiles- make sure you don’t listen to anything, till you have had your coffee.

Trying to tackle reality without a dose of caffeine, is like trying to play football without a ball. Unless you are fully awake(you should at least feel you are fully awake) , you never know whether what you are tackling is real or not. And as the mug of dark brown concoction goes down through your throat and hits the stomach, your eyes become wider, the brain seems to kick into action, you feel good again- for a few seconds.

Your heart is still beating at a rate higher than it should- what do you expect when the noises around you increase? You try concentrating on your breathing, to help calm yourself down.

But someone inevitably says something, which challenges the reality you thought you woke up into. The present comes into being, true reality walks in with its follies and marginal deprivations.You come to realize that, waking up was just a knock on the door, this is a raid.

You shrug your shoulders and let your heart race away. There is no hope. You walk up to your computer and while waiting for it boot, you look up at the sky. Someday, you tell yourself, someday.

You enter a world which you like, a world which you hope you can stay in forever, but you can’t. You tweet, “good morning 🙂 “. The day has arrived as usual and you still find it irritating. If only you could sleep forever…but then you remember the moment you wake up-maybe it is worth putting up with everything  for that.


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