A few lessons learnt

October 11, 2010 § 9 Comments

A couple of weeks back, I went on my first work related trip. It was also the first time I travelled alone(without anyone close coming along).

From random

I learnt a lot from the trip. The work involved travelling around a bit- which I enjoyed. I felt a peace, which seemed to exist careless and unaffected by everything around it. Maybe when you travel, your perspective shifts. You look around and notice things. You meet people, all from varied backgrounds, trying to make ends meet and live. Everything is new and you merely want to know- not exploit(?).

this old man asked me to take a photo 😛                                                From random

Some how, I have come to realize that it is alright to make mistakes and learn from them. I wrote something which wasn’t good at all(and I did put some effort into it), but I don’t feel disappointed. While the idea of planning and working doesn’t appeal to me, the feedback from those who matter is insightful and made me realize many more important things.

A new bunch of people have entered my life. I’m the sort who usually doesn’t get along with ‘people’, but these aren’t people!  While we like to call ourselves pretentious, I don’t think we are really that pretentious. Finally a group of people, who aren’t all that egoistic and willing to let go.

Infact, my weekends are pretty good- Saturday football and Sunday, the Cult meeting 😛

I’m not writing much, but then this is the learning stage. There are so many things out there, which I want to read/listen/watch/experience.

The trip did inspire me to write this poem.

Well, now am going to watch Edward Scissor Hands 😀

P.S:- Click here to see the rest of the above album.


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