ENDHIRAN-Movie Review

October 7, 2010 § 9 Comments


Something we are all used to- a movie not living upto the ‘buildup’ given. But not a Rajinikanth film- no way . It is entertaining, engaging and fun!

Alright this isn’t the best movie ever or as mind blowing as some claim it to be(probably because we expected this much at least?). But it is easily worth that ticket, parking fee and snacks, not to mention your precious time.


For once the action and effects(in a Tamil movie) are very real. Why not? Stan Wilson Studios(Terminator, Jurrasic Park etc) were the ones doing it. The fight scenes were cool too- Yuen Woo-Ping is the stunt coordinator after all.

The music(in the tamil version) is good, but not the best of ARR. Though I don’t get how you can wear a shirt, jacket and a neck scarf in the middle of a desert(or for that matter even in Chennai). But reality is not a top priority here, just watch and crib that your work doesn’t take you to Macchu Picchu.

Rajini’s acting is as good as ever. The way he plays the robot is awesome, #epic ! In fact the movie is a success because of Rajini. The movie is as much about him as the story. You know the director is good when he can make Aishwarya Rai move a couple of facial muscles. But yes, she does look like a doll in a couple of songs(hmm..no wonder the robot fell in love with her:P).

While Tamil films in the past have tended to be generic, we have seen a bit of experimentation in the last few years. But certain things like the music and dance(at times ill-timed), comedians etc seem to form the ‘core’, which now seem to define a Tamil movie.

The story in itself is worth thinking about as well. What happens when machines can emote? Or wait, what happens if we become machines than can emote? Maybe we should realize our own vanity-all it takes is to remove the chip with the destruction program.

Watch this movie in Tamil with subtitles. Otherwise, I’m sure it will be as comical and vexing as watching a Hollywood movie dubbed in Tamil. Have fun- think of this as a pantomime and not a serious Drama. If you are going to watch it in theΒ theatres, take someone along, don’t go alone.

rating:- 7/10.

P.S:- I haven’t talked about the story, simply because most of you would already have read it. If you haven’t- click here.

If you want to read a better review- click here.

And you can read the review of the Hindi version here.

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