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A book that can change you. A book that will influence you. A book that will make you see within.

Siddhartha is a contemporary of The Buddha. The book takes us through his life and quest for enlightenment.  The narrative is simple and yet involving. The author shows the thirst of a young man for enlightenment. He highlights friendship, love and most importantly the struggle of a young man to find meaning in life.

There is lot to be learnt from the book. The story is beautiful and you feel peace descending upon you, as you read the book.

We see the protagonist travel through the various stages of life-  Hesse has managed to capture in a way that  it is so natural that you might almost not notice it. We see the brahmin’s son, turn into a Samana, then into a business man and finally a ferryman. He realizes, learns and grows through each vocation and indeed every page of the book.

This is one of those books that will leave at least a footprint- one that you hope will remain for a while. To me, the message- “I can Think, I can wait, I can fast” , thought me that I need to slow down. All you need to do is a take a deep breath and watch, listen and speak to the river(as in the book).

This review is being written, some ten days after completing the book- simply because I wanted to feel its impact. Indeed, this has left a very big mark on me. I will say it is a must read.

Rating:- 10/10.

You can download the book from here.


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