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If you look carefully, you will notice that they are numbers. One ability which we take for granted is counting. Seriously how many other creatures can count?

The ability to count has propelled mankind to unimaginable heights and to unknown depths. Not to forget the mundane between, which most of humanity lives in.

Imagine life without astrology. India probably would have been born on August 15 proper instead of midnight! My that would have caused our country to be screwed-more than what it already is(imagine! ).

For that matter without our ability to count, there wouldn’t have been an August 15 or July 18 or September 11 or a billion people(we surely would have eaten each other-roasted brownie and blood pudding anyone?).

We would never have been able to count how much our actors earned. Or how much politicians embezzled. We would never have been able to count the number of votes. Neither could we have counted the number of people dying because of wars or the number of tigers(well there wouldn’t have been that airtel ad for sure).

Imagine language with numbers. There would be no one to tell us to write “X many words”. Actually imagine, we might not know how many people are there in our family!(Homer Simpson style- 1..2..3..4..5..damn it, my fingers are dipped in ketchup!”).

We wouldn’t know how many followers we have on twitter or the number of friends on facebook. And microsoft, would never have got passed the word to irritate us with updates every morning(oh! wait that is wordpress).

Or, we would never know how to measure! And there won’t be any gyms around us! And sports would never have meant so much to us.

See isn’t it obvious that counting is one of the pillars of humanity’s success? We would have been nothing more than another brand of guileless species, without knowing how many of us really are there or how many calories you ate or how old we are or possibly even the answer to the universe!

And so my work has thought me to appreciate counting. I can count anything and everything. All that you need is patience and a clear mind to differentiate between an elephant and a mouse and say there is one of each kind.

Counting makes you learn a lot of things in life. Like clearly there are infinite stars in the sky. Or that there are measurable number of cells in our brains which are going to end up useless and dead(where are the capitalists?) but it is a boring and gripe activity which is going to take up a quantum of resources and time, which clearly can be used to help the metaphorically endless number of jobless and destitute people.

But the fact is that you have read about 425 words and wasted precious time, which never the less should have given you an insight into the rare combination of chocos and coffee powered energy that is driving my thought processor into over drive due to being idle for far too long, so much so that words seem like an oil spill in the gulf(please notice g is NOT in caps).

And if you are more persistent, you can count that the above paragraph was about 100 words, which again shows you how magnificent counting is(count the number of letters in magnificent to know).

Anyway, that was quite addictive. What I was trying to say was that I have become rather good at counting. And even better at understanding the fact that a few hours can become minutes if you can work on auto pilot.

Oh! wait, I left this post unattended for a few hours and well forgot what I wanted to say. Just to conclude, I have been counting a lot of things- that’s my job for now I guess.

P.S:- Check out my interview with an Author over here.

§ 5 Responses to Counting

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  • rauf says:

    Everything is recorded in the brain Vishesh. Everything from your birth. Its in the memory. And Memory doesn’t fade away. When we see 1000 ants it is recorded as well and the brain has counted it. the information with greatest impact, good or bad stays at the surface. Psychiatrists can bring back the hidden memory with hypnotism, if necessary. Your post and the ones i read five years ago are recorded permanently.

  • rauf says:

    i don’t know if you have read, it is in ‘my favourite post’
    when i was losing my life, for a second in a flash my entire chilhood came flooding in my eyes with texture. Things i never knew i had in my memory. The brain keeps counting all the time, you like it or not.

  • Nita says:

    Never thought that much about counting! And while its good to be really good at counting, never forget the big picture! Never be just an accountant, be an analyst.

  • Reema says:

    Ohh counting/numbers/mathematics is really interesting. Innovative topic!

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