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Conspiracies make  good reads. They are entertaining, enchanting and enterprising.

This book is similar to Da Vinci Code in the sense that both talk about Jesus’ bloodline. Apart from that and a few more bolts and screws, this book is more engaging, conspiring and complete. The author not only makes the world look like a small place, he also makes it look young by jumping across centuries.

Small paragraphs help in keeping things short and sweet. In fact, this makes it easier for you to appreciate the complex plot and assimilating the information overload. The book flows along and has minimal descriptions, which again add to the success of the book.

The plot is well knit. To take threads of myriad colour and make something which is good, cohesive and symmetric is no easy task. The religions of the world and their subgroups,  international politics, terrorism, secret societies, astrologers, past life regression therapy, temples and churches,  international assassins, presidents and religious leaders- this has it all.

The finishing is quaint and thoughtful. The book might not make your heart race with anticipation, but it does make you think and appreciate. To me it became a bit ‘filmy’ at a few places- but that is quite expected in a thriller of this sort. I found the book slightly unemotional , which makes it  sober and detached. This again makes the book work, as it  isn’t just about one particular character. The characters fit into the plot, rather than the characters weaving one.

The book was published at, at first. And this book shows that there are many good books out there which never see the light of print. I would say this book is better than the Da Vinci.

Overall I loved the book. It is a pretty captivating and interesting read. Conspiracies always intrigue me. Though whether to believe it or not, is a tough choice, especially considering the fact that it does not affect my personal views in anyway. But surely there is no smoke without fire. I have watched the video series on NWO and read about few of the other things mentioned in the book. My question is, if indeed there is an organization controlling the world secretly, how do they allow such books to be published?

Rating:- 8/10

P.S:- You can  follow the author on twitter.

I have refrained from talking about the story-see the video.


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