August 20, 2010 § 5 Comments

Note:- Well I wanted to say something before you read this. But I forgot.

The one word to describe me right now is “RUN OUT”. This is insane. I feel dead tired. And I can’t feel anything. I feel numb. If I did try to feel, I think I will drop dead. And as delicious as that sounds, everything is boring.

So finally everyone accepts I am a very clever person. I can count boxes without making a mistake. I can count pairs of shoes without making a mistake. I can compare a number on a piece of paper with the computer without mistake. Tough jobs, really.

What is annoying is that, I have to work. What is even more annoying is that, I have to deal with people who make mistakes, just because they are bound to make mistakes. Why should man be such an erroneous creature? And why so, dear God, should he be so stupid?

The best part is I can boss people around. Get me this paper, get me that file. Where is this thing? That is wrong. No, no that again is wrong. But how long? Three freaking years to go. May I have some pity? On a sizzler plate with vanilla ice cream on top and yes one cherry with a large seed. Go figure.

But this will get challenging for sure. I need to have a lot of mental strength to put up with faulty English, people who think they can change anything even as I’m checking, idiots who say, “I wanted you to find out” etc. And this is just week one.

Not to mention smiling politely at all those people. Shutting up and listening to things which put you to sleep. There is no concession of working around pretty people. Things turn really sucky when you stare at a freaking screen without tweetdeck on it. And no, I don’t intend to type in my password, not when the system guy rushes in to the room once I switched on the comp. and says, “oh! sorry sir, it is you.”

And this whole sir thing takes a lot to get used to. I don’t feel like a 19 year old. I don’t feel anything. I am trying to shut my head. I am learning to be the good old human being. Perfect at being imperfect. Screwedup-in-law.

What’s tough now is that, I can’t even complain about work. Not that I should be complaining. Not when I am “having your cake and eating it too”.

As fiery as I sound, I don’t really care, I guess. This is fun at one level. Boring at another level. I get hell a lot of respect, tea and biscuits. I get to go around the city in an Auto and not worry too much about how much I’m being charged. Whatever, this is week one. Let’s see what week two is like. I bet a big fat retard of a problem is waiting.

See, the rebel in me, doesn’t like anything. He has to reject-everything. Everything that doesn’t look remotely ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ on the outset. So dear, rebel shut up. We have work boy!

Work!Work!Work! As boring as it is. It is important. Smile please. Shake hands please. Thank you, I don’t want tea. Cheese 😀


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