can't think of a title

August 12, 2010 § 7 Comments

I am confused at the moment- do I write a serious post or some utter rubbish, which still sounds serious? Either way, you should know by now, that this post isn’t going to make any sense whatsoever. Truthfully- I have no clue what I’m about to say.

Maybe I should start with spilling and leaking. But then the Americans, the Chinese and yes even we have done it. No use there. It will be wannabe stuff, which will wmake Voldemort, avada kedavara himself. And talking about Voldy, I see a lot of look alikes around me. Guess Voldy will become a stereotype soon.

Or maybe we should wipe away all that is spilt with those toilet papers which cost a couple of lakhs or whatever. Of course, they were purchased exlusively for the bottoms of people who shall run, hop and skip to prove how united the commonwealth really is, so we will not be able to get passed the locked doors guarded by 1411 tigers and to the papers. And yes, those papers might be ‘doctored’ too.

Or there is the  klutz case of Kashmir(yes, it sounds stupid, you don’t need to tell me that) . But then again everyone from a long beard to bald head and ladies decked for the cameras have talked about it. There can be no value addition from me. Not when I know nothing about it- expect that the young ‘stone pelting’ people have had enough of being screwed up and promised and being pulled apart by people sitting in AC offices and mind blowing socialites. And I can no way sympathize or empathize- I sit it a room with the AC milling away to glory even as I write this.

Oh! but then there is this the question of who is an Indian. I remember writing with ado and gust and flowery patriotism, that he is one with a lions heart, a peacocks grace etc, now an Indian probably is one who can ignore corruption and pays bribes without thinking twice. But then again, this has been said too! See we all are awesome at this- we know our problems.

And come on, come on I digress. I was supposed to write something fun, light hearted, which makes everyone crackle in laughter and say, “ha! I shall return to this blog.” “The maple syrup on soft pancakes”, as a certain Siddhu might say.

How I wish I was Peter Pan. If you don’t know who Peter pan is, you probably think I’m Peteru(er..wait let me try explaining can I put this? Thou poor English speaker, Peteru is a Tamil word, believe it or not. Means a fellow talks a lot in Engleesh. Dai! Peteru!). I can write those cute poems and no one will ask me “so you want to become a writer”, or say “so sweet” or ” You shall grow up soon”(dear noble souls- I shall become whatever I become. Just bless me and read my books if I do become a writer).

Anyway, I miss that. I have been told you can’t feel old at 19. Probably. But I have seen my fair share of disasters and events. That’s what the TV. is for. I remember Princess Diana passing away and my mom watching BBC all day long. I never understood why she was so important though. At that moment in life, I might have said “My mom is the prettiest person in this world”(of course now it is my non-existent girlfriend).

Now I have no clue what I’m writing. But hey, this is a blog right? Anyway, maybe I should be more pretentious. Like those tees. Why on earth would someone want to where a “lee” across their chest? I mean this isn’t a movie fellas and you don’t remotely look Chinese or Korean or Japanese or are you a Bruce Lee fan?  Sorry, but I prefer thalivars and superstars and little superstars and young stars and young thalais or whatever variation they prefer(notice that there in only one, only one- Gaptain VJkanth, Mind eet!)

I am trying to be funny these days. Only problem is no one understands stuff like “that’s as bad Satans ass in Strawberry sauce” or “A dead rat trying to burrow in a bottle of wine”.

Oh! wait, I have started working. Yes, yes, don’t you be jealous 🙂 Not that anyone will be. But I’m convinced people should be jealous, God knows for what and get all worked up when they don’t. See I’m being pretentious already.

Once upon a time, I told myself, life is supposed to be great blah blah blah. It probably is great now. All you have to do is don’t give a damn. Cancerous sympathy is only for monkeys with 4 legs and 6 hands or for those pretty women who have nothing to do but shop all day long.

This post is…well is beyond being cohesive now. Not that it particularly matters. You probably came here though twitter and well I know you aren’t even reading this-wait you are still reading this? Congratulations. You must be bored or are a housewife.

I told this stupid pig brain that I shall write a post on how awesome a few sites are(just to earn the brownie points) but guess I will not do it now.

I shall end this post with some advice – hmm…nope, don’t think I have any. Maybe, just maybe, I’m 19.

P.S:- I haven’t clicked on that “ABC” button. Didn’t kow you will care about this post anyway. But if you are one of those thathas(grand dads) who believe in parfecsion, you are welcome to tare this apart and point out the various grammatical and spelling errors.  I like those long comments.

§ 7 Responses to can't think of a title

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  • You are workingaa? I am jealous. Congrats, boy. Your rambles are entertaining 😀

  • Pighead says:

    Ha! Well, more of these and people will stop reading your blog. ^_^ The thing about being funny is that you shouldn’t try too hard. And you shouldn’t repeat your jokes. Everyone’s funny. Some out of physical behaviour, some out of spontaneous silliness, but everyone laughs because everyone is funny. I found the Peteru thing funny and that stuff comes naturally.

  • Reema says:

    “wait you are still reading this? Congratulations. You must be bored or are a housewife.”
    This is offensive. 1st I am neither..just a faithful reader of your blog. 2nd Do housewives have a lot of free time on their hands? and nothing better to do types?
    I find this sentence very shocking n unexpected of u.

  • Purnima Rao says:

    I am neither bored, nor a housewife (much to my mother’s dismay) 😀
    You write with a lot of heart and that makes it enjoyable to read. Don’t worry about nobody understanding. Someone, somewhere WILL get what you want to say.
    Keep writing, get more structure, have tighter edits & keep that wonderful heart intact.
    Now I am preaching so I will go. Best of luck!

  • admin says:

    @GB: finally someone who finds this entertaining…long live 😀

    @pighead: We had our discussion on being funny already.

    @reema: Nothing offensive. That was supposed to be a joke. Not targeted at anyone! I respext housewives and what they do and infact even admire them. I didn’t expect this comment from you either 😛

    @Purnima: Ha! suggestions taken 🙂 Will work it 😀 Thanks 🙂

  • Nita says:

    Hey vishesh, housewives are busy 24/7, except the lazy ones. 🙂 Btw, great to hear you are working. And I hope you do a bit of housework to help out your mom. 😉

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