Chapter 5

July 25, 2010 § 4 Comments

We shake hands and exchange pleasantries . I look into their eyes, each has a purpose and determination. I wonder where this is leading. I do not like this. Something within prompts me to run away from here, but I don’t want to make the same ‘mistake’ again.

We walk back towards where Shree and Diya are sitting.

“They still look beautiful”, Shorty says.

“Ya well, time can steal beauty from mortals and those who become sad.”, Ben adds.

Maybe true. How did I look? I thought I had quit from such social interactions. After what happened when I tried to be an agent of change, I did not want any human contact. I sound like a freak. I am one.

There is nothing worse than being let down and left in the middle of somewhere to be the fall guy. Once I left school, I got into a reputed college and there started a movement. I felt a benignant movement was needed to make this world better. Only to realize others were in it for lesser reasons than me. Oh! the disappointment, the pain and everything along with it.

But I discovered someone special- she helped me over come it, only to again leave me alone. Frustrated and flustered, I decided to not commit to anything. I did those things which built me a house, gave me a vehicle and put me in a position that saved me from any sort of political, financial or other sort of trouble. I had created a bubble and lived a perfect life within it.

And then she broke it all- Shree. There she is now, right in front of me. With a weak smile and sad eyes.

Diya as usual didn’t bother about those small things like greeting people- ” Shree’s husband was killed two days ago. We can’t trust anyone to help her, simply because the person behind this crime is a someone who pulls a lot of strings.”

My stomach turns and fear rolls in. I know where this going to go.

“We are going to help her find who did it. Of course, we are no carpets either, but still beware, this isn’t going to easy.”

“Scooby dooby doo…”, Ben and his stupid wit.

“Show some love Ben.”


Shree smiles. I wouldn’t want to be her at this moment. But neither do I want to be me now. Ha! Pity, we can’t choose only from the possible options. I can of course walk out, can I? Or do I know too much already.

Sai is looking at me. God, that pretty girl.

“Nope, you are too deep.”

I hate this bonding thing. It was really cool back then, being able to understand each other without talking, but now it sucks.

“what I am here for?”, I ask. Sai is about to reply but Diya cuts in,

“To make us breakfast and give a room to stay in of course.”

So I am to be a safe house. How wonderful. I feel threatened. There is space for only one in the bubble, it doesn’t have enough oxygen.

“Now that everyone’s present, let’s go. A group of officers are heading our way, they don’t look particularly friendly.”

We start walking away. But they catch up.


We turn around. They were a group of officers wearing helmet and carrying guns. Oh! dear God, what now?

“What are you doing here?”, asked an officer.

“Well we are friends, we were just hanging out.” Shorty replied.

The fellow doesn’t look convinced. Who will, when they find a group of people ‘hanging out’ in a park five minutes after a blast? I decide to step in.

” Hello sir, I am Raj Srinivas. We were scared after the blast, so we gathered here. Is something wrong sir? may I help you? ”

“No are Raj Srinivas? Wow, indeed..the Raj. Pleasure to meet you sir..sorry for bothering you sir, can we help you in anyway sir?”

Fame has its uses. Of course those prying eyes keep following you, but it helps.

“Yes, can you give us a ride back home.?


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