INCEPTION(movie review)

July 23, 2010 § 7 Comments

Brilliant, thought provoking, entertaining, awesome, well executed and mind-blowing stuff!

Dream within a dream, within another dream! How well can you execute that? And how about trying to ‘place’ an idea(inception) in another person’s mind? That’s what the movie is about.

The basic story line is simple and that is one of the strong point of the film- that leaves plenty of time for the idea of ‘inception’ to be dealt with and presented. Some reviewers might have told you there is a bit of ‘gray’, yes there is, but then you are expected to make up your mind. After all, why should they not make you think?

What’s surprising is that this is called a sci-fi, it seems more philosophical than scientific. Wonder if we have a term for philosophical films- phi-fi ? Or maybe that doesn’t give it any label value. Or is it those guns and ‘chemicals’ ?

The acting is really good.  Dicaprio plays his part  well. It is nice to see a female lead who isn’t tying to be hot and clever at the same time(that’s only in sci-fi right?)-Ellen Page, moves and creates what she is supposed to, efficiently. Tom Hardy(who plays Eames) is stands out as well.

The dream world’s are damn cool. The part where Ariadne creates her first dream is superb. Of course you need to have a clear head to get the dream within dream within dream part. The movie does expect you to carry your brain along, not leave it at home like you do for certain other movies.

And what is reality anyway? The sounds? The music? The people? The actors? Your past? The future? The present? What you believe? Your dreams? Hope everyone starts dreaming now 🙂

Rating:- 10/10 .


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