The road that never ends(short story)

July 21, 2010 § 11 Comments

From photoshopped

Babu stood up. He had been waiting for the bus to arrive from Nelinjeri, the preceding village which was some 20 kms towards West. It seemed to take forever.

He had fought with his parents and had decided to run away. Having made the 6 km trek to the bus stand, he had spent a good 5 hrs thinking and rethinking his decision. He had no option, he told himself. He convinced himself that the road will lead him towards his dreams.

But now as the sun disappeared behind the monsoon clouds, he began to get worried. He wasn’t as confident as he was a few hours ago. What can a 16 yr old boy do?

The more he looked up and down the road, the more insecure and small he felt. It was a state highway, which connected Trichy and Madurai. It seemed to go on forever. He never saw it this way, till now. He and his friends used to call this the road that never ends, half-jokingly. Now he believed it. And what lay ahead seemed to a faceless ocean.

He was in two minds now. He wanted to go back home, but he dared not. The clouds threatened to break and let lose a torrential hell, in which he had danced many a time. But he wasn’t in the grove to dance.

He had no clue what he would do once he got to patnam(city). He again glanced up and down the road. It stretched on for a kilometre or two and then took a sharp bend. He was fascinated and determined, yet he was scared. But he held on.

Another half an hour passed. He finally heard the horn. His mind became agitated. He knew that there was no turning back after this point. He closed his eyes in indecision and fear.

The bus screeched to a halt. It was over crowded. He couldn’t open his eyes, surely??

His legs took the decision- one foot on the step, then another. He was sucked in and pushed between people. The whistle blew and finally he was about to see where the road that does not end took him.


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