Our education system

July 16, 2010 § 12 Comments

It is really tough to turn a blind eye to anything- after all NEWS follows us like a curse. Unfortunately, we are forced to believe and deal with things-whether they are real or not. Though I know not many are going to read this post, I still intend to write this-I need to appease my twitching self.

Normal events are turned into extraordinary stories, yet no one gives a damn the way colleges are run in the country. All of us know the state of college education in this country, the politics, the money and ofcourse the teaching(or the lack of it). yet no one, no one, has the guts to do anything about it.

It is not indifference or  inertia, but the fear- for you know you are alone and have no clue whom you are fighting.  The common feeling is that you need to make ‘scarifies’ to make this system better-true. But we don’t have anything to gain by making this ‘scarifies’ ? Maybe.

Read this article in the Hindu(from the open page)- The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!

Thankfully I have a really good dentist! But how on earth can a dentist not have ‘practical’ exposure? Oh! and the money- I do not know the exact numbers, but I am sure it will be mind boggling.

Making a Choice:-

Before it was about saving money for marriages, today parents save money to put their kids in colleges. Fine, it is a dream worth chasing, but:-

1)Is he/she capable of doing that course?

2) Is the college good? Does it have professors?

3) Even then, is it the best option? Does he/she really like the course?

4) Is it for the sake of the subject or for the apparent gold at the end of this monochrome rainbow?

5) Why not invest the same money? Putting a roof over your kid’s head or giving him assets which he can use to build on is more important than this supposed education. Anyway, my friends tell me that what you learn in college is not what you use in ‘life’.

The problem is bad career counselling. The truth is that if you were to take the commerce stream either your dad is rich or you are dumb. There are many who think CAs sit and write accounts!

Schools(at least the premier and notable ones) should take it upon themselves(after all the money which they take….) to educate the kids on various options. It is always tough to make a choice, but it is easier if you have information to back it. And not everyone can into IIT, so shouldn’t you know what your head is worth before hand?

Whom to Blame?

Now we can’t blame the students alone or their parents. Aren’t there Councils and Boards and Institutes to regulate education? Apparently no one gives a damn. The country does mill along, you see. I wonder what will happen if the ever alive politicians of  our gen. were to pop off- who is capable of leading this country? And at the state level, do I need to say anything? Apparently we have poor than anyone else in the world.

Unbalanced development they say. I am no great economist, but where do others find the money to pay bribes, those hefty ‘donations’ etc?

Let me ask you one thing- is being not corrupt un-Indian? Maybe that should be the litmus for belonging here, we can kick the rest into the ocean- they will swim and land up in the US, UK or somewhere.

What do we fix?

Fix the education system- it is really easy to say it. I am as helpless as you and the person next to you. For what do we attack? the government? The statutory bodies? The Media(for being not so open and proactive)? Ourselves?

What is the face of corruption? It seems to be a faceless mass. We can’t out stare it, we can’t immunize ourselves against it. You and me are going to be infected by it and  being virtuous doesn’t keep out the bug. Time we either work out something- after all, you who agrees with me and you who know what I am talking about, you who has to watch everyone, including yourself being eaten away by this, has a life to live.

What can we do? Nope, i can’t find a way, not even on paper. It is pitiable, really. We know what is going to happen- violence, racism, castism, language issues, religion and protests etc. Expect it to arise in colleges. Expect to watch more shows on TV and more panelist discussion and to read more awesome articles in NEWS papers with your morning coffee.

Be ready to share your rage with everyone, in the false security of your home. Be ready to pay your way through everything and be ready to click on the retweet buttons on all those reality checks.

In more despair than hope, I end this post, right now. No, not even the evergreen optimist I am, can finish this is good light. True, something pulls this country along, God knows what! Till then we will keep producing the best in everything as well- the challenges presented are pretty tough and to rise above it, you need a hell a lot of strength, passion and will power.


§ 12 Responses to Our education system

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  • UmaS says:

    Vishesh, I read it fully. And I am nodding my head for almost every line.Its not only the colleges that need a re-vamp. All the changes should begin from school level. A school which doesnt work towards bringing out the talent in a child or atleast help a child find his passion, is no use, even if they produce 100% results or tops the state ranks.The seeds to becoming what you are, the independence to choose, the passion towards something in life, all start very early. Sometimes, what the child feels at a very young age, will turn out to be their career, after a malfunction of unwanted career choices.If 50% of the time in the schools, is spent in making the child happy and allowing them to do passionate things, if there is proper guidance at school level, then I think that colleges can be re-vamped by the students themselves.U know, I struggling to find a Arts group (11th std) in a CBSE school, in some place near my home – not found one yet.Loved your post.

  • Monika says:

    very very well written post I think we truly are at a point where our system needs a revamp

  • I think an education system revamp is much needed and from the basic, primary level. Schools should aim at guiding and preparing the students for life, choices and careers. As of now the only thing that seems to matter is marks 😦 I agree with Uma completely. Most schools are too lazy to bother with anything except academics and that too is done with parents' efforts. (And private tuition of course!) Maybe Kapil Sibal should make it compulsory for all schools to have teachers for activities that could become passions and careers for many students.

  • visheshunni says:

    thanks..yes…but how do u bring about this change?

  • visheshunni says:

    yup 🙂

  • visheshunni says:

    hmm…when has the law ever made anyone do anything in this country?

  • Destination8infinity says:

    Frankly, the only thing I have ever been ashamed of is doing my engineering degree and passing it with absolutely no clue about the subject! That itself tells the state of 'technical education' that is being passed on. Its going to get worse, I tell ya.Destination Infinity

  • Ram says:

    ironically, rehashing the Bush quote when i read your post – you can't see the solution if you are the problem. your post reflects everything that is a problem. we need to own up and understand how we ARE the problem. we need to step out of the mental chatter for a moment to be able to do this. the inability to go beyond the media to understand issues as much the inability to shout beyond a post online is the sign of inactivity, not helplessness. we accept it, then we can move, we don't, then we are stuck forever while we pretend to move on. and this is just not education, it is in everything…look around. the biggest failure of education is the inability of the educated to dig deep enough to understand, have the patience, perseverance and courage. we have the medium to express our ignorance, but, do we have the time to examine, learn, deepen our understanding or do we go on with expressing other ignorances?

  • visheshunni says:

    yup, it is going to get worse alright.

  • visheshunni says:

    I agree. But the arguments for not acting are many. And if you were to read my earlier posts, you will realize I feel the same…but…

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