How to get what you share on google reader to twitter

July 12, 2010 § 6 Comments

One thing Google reader doesn’t have is a twitter share button. While, is pretty easy to use, personally I don’t like it that much- it just isn’t as simple looking as the reader.

So googling about- I found a way to get what I share on my google reader to twitter from here.

1) Go to twitterfeed and login.

2)Click on create a new feed. and paste the following in the RSS feed URL box:-

Replace “Yourgoogleid” with your google ID . You can get your google id by:-

a) Open your shared items and from the URL copy the code(underlined in red).

From Drop Box

b) Alternatively, click on the google reader button from the list of sites linked with buzz/notes.

From Drop Box

And copy the id from the URL.

From Drop Box

3)Click on test RSS feed. You will get a message saying ” Feed parsed OK”.

From Drop Box

4)Click on advanced settings and modify what you want to.

TIP:- Use a URL shortner service for twitter- it helps in two things, i)The link is made short. ii) You can track how many people are clicking on what you share. I use If you want to link it to your account, add your API details by clicking on the settings button.

5)Click “continue to step 2”.

Now choose the accounts you want to link this with. And click on “all done”.

That’s it. What you share on google reader will appear on twitter now.

§ 6 Responses to How to get what you share on google reader to twitter

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