Chapter 4

July 11, 2010 § 4 Comments

No, it is her alright. So life apparently has decided to wake me up by sending the past. And this is no dusk shadow or a stream of headlights-this is a full fledged assault. I am screaming-within. I feel like a trapped beast with no where to run.

Nothing makes sense.

“ha! Diya so you made it.”.

“Yes. Hope it wasn’t a problem getting him here, Shree.”

‘Oh! please, he is the same hapless child, tempted by the uncertain and yet searches for his mummy to hide behind, when he encounters something alien.’

They laugh. I am blank.

“Look at him, shocked and flabbergasted.”

“…”, I fumble.

“Oh! darling, this is no evil plan devised to wake you up and put you through some more. After all you are a fine pickle already. I am sure, you have enough wisdom to propel a six year old to insanity and bring him back alive.”

Diya and her sharp tongue. But her lips haven’t lost the gloss or the curves, how I wish I can watch them work wonders all the day long.

After the few moments of joy, Shree looked distraught again. So, I figure it out. I am not duped.

“ha! If this was a movie, we will call it bringing back the dead or whatever. But since we have grown past death marks and Justice league and whatever, we will call it a reunion. And the reason is quiet evident, we are going to help Shree.
Now that dog looks cute enough to be Timmy, but not big enough. Talk about a chihuahua running away, seriously.”

Shree giggles. That endless anger is growing again. What is happening?

“Who else is coming for this reunion? Can someone tell me what really happened?”, I almost bark out.

“Oh! darling..”

“We will wait for the others to come. Sai, Ben and Shorty will be here shorty.” I am relived, she saved me from a bashing. I am confused, I can’t understand.I can’t understand. Diya, continues rattling away..

“The super zapper is all ready, the only problem is that the zip is not working.”

Is it only me or has she really become better at this than she was? I wish this will end now. Just like how it ended back then, abruptly. I hated it then, but now I will love it. I had no intention of meeting these people again.

“And wipe that dumb look of your face. You haven’t turned any prettier or cute or handsome or whatever. That just makes you so much more irresistible, my hand loves those cheeks, my how many times have we hit it darling?”

This is ridiculous. But Shree- I have to put up with this for her.

“Evidently, you are still single. Who will want a ..”

“Diya, please stop it. Leave the poor guy alone.”

“Why did you even bring him?”

I stood up and started walking away. But what do I see there? Sigh, it is the others. We were pretty dumb back then. Wanting to change the world with our supposed super powers, but looks like I am the only one who has grown up. No, that beard makes Shorty look really really stupid. Sai looked as beautiful as always. Maybe that was the problem- I couldn’t decide whom I liked more. Now I know it is Shree, but what is the use? Ben and his sunglasses, certain things never change.


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