THE LIAR by STEPHEN FRY(book review)

July 7, 2010 § 10 Comments

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Filthy, funny and unpredictable.

The book is about ‘ The Liar’ and his compulsive obsession to lie. It does take you a while to understand the book- at times it seems disjoint and unrelated, but as you grow into it, a ragged sense appears.

The protagonist is gay and there is enough ‘dirt’ to make you flinch at times. There are of course other funny parts as well, which are quite a delight. Everyone knows that Fry’s English is damn good and the book just asserts it(what a bland way to put it). The book might fall under the ‘intellectual’ posse with all those references to art, music and literature, but there is enough(in fact plenty) else to avoid such deliberation.

It is enjoyable actually, especially the ending- quiet unbelievable, almost stumped me, but for the fact that I fitted the pieces together in time. I like the character of Trefusis a lot. And it was refreshing to read something different.

If you don’t mind dirty( and gay) jokes and references, then this pretty nice and light read. Probably a book to carry with you on the go. Of course, if you aren’t used to his sort of humour, then you might find the book queer and strange and might come and strangle me for suggesting this 🙂

Rating:- 6/10


§ 10 Responses to THE LIAR by STEPHEN FRY(book review)

  • Vineeta says:

    hmm.. can be interesting while travelling.. during that time u dont need serious books 🙂 btw.. where do u get ur books frm?

  • Swaram says:

    Hmmm. Am waiting to get Point of Return first 🙂 and then Kiran Desai's 😉

  • visheshunni says:

    lol, your list is going to become huge 😉

  • visheshunni says:

    Landmark, Crossword…British Council..Planning to join another library..but have abt 7-8 books to read at the moment 🙂

  • Nita says:

    As I prefer not to strangle you I think I will avoid the book! 🙂

  • Leora says:

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  • visheshunni says:

    lol 😛

  • visheshunni says:

    well,don't think I am eligible 🙂

  • Reema says:

    Hmmm havent read a story about a gay character ever.

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