chapter 1

June 25, 2010 § 11 Comments

I closed my eyes and sat there. In one desperate corner, that served as a perch for the lonely birds of this world, I sat. Human temper is nebulous and mine is a cloud which sways with the winds of thoughts and tides of emotions. I felt defeated and purposeless. And then she walked up to me.

The shock of being spoken to when you don’t expect is always a pleasant surprise. Albeit being taken aback, I was too tired to show it. I Raj Srinivas, had officially lost it, or so my friends told me. Failure is a stepping stone to success, but what if it drops down from above you?  I muscled a  weak smile.

“Why do you look sad?”, she enquired.

” Just like that.” I hesitated. “maybe I am a sad person.”

‘I don’t think so.”

“You don’t think so? What is their to be happy about anyway.”

“What is there to be sad about anyway.”

“look, I don’t have the strength to argue. I am tired.” I tried to dismiss her, but she persisted,

“Then you should take a nap. Not sit in some corner and look lost. It doesn’t help you in anyway.”

I raised my hands in desperation and try to end it, ” Just leave me alone.”

“If you want, you can talk to me. I can help you.”


There began a bond, which would last for a couple of years. Those were the best years of my life. I woke up and saw the world. She made me see the world. And then something happened. Something happened. Something..

I am not going to let anything happen this time.

She still wore that look on her face. I am no expert in rescuing Damsels in distress, but something told, I was about to learn a lesson on that. After all you learn as you go.

She burst out, almost as if she didn’t want to but had to-

” They have kidnapped, Navneet. Navneet, he is my fiancee. They refuse to tell me for what or when. I am scared. I cannot take it to anyone else, I either don’t trust them or they will hurt me more than help.”

So I was going to be nothing but a stepping stone. Maybe they will kill him. No, that is wrong, after all I am a friend. Sometimes, time freezes certain things. My relationship with her is one such. Though a lot has happened between then and now, I know she has come to me for a purpose.

Life gives you a second chance. Chance, choice and change- are the only constants in life. My head is in a turmoil- my emotions are fighting with each other. But I have to keep calm.

“Look, I understand this is sudden.”

I groaned within- she always could read what went on inside me.

“I am sorry, but i don’t know any one else.”

“I will help you. But what can I do?”

“Nothing much, I want you to stay with me.”

Reality is stranger than fiction. After all why would she want me to stay with her? It makes no sense. But making sense is not her strongest point and neither mine, so I remain silent.

“This is not about money or politics or whatever usually it is for. This is different. And I can’t rescue him. I can’t go after him. He most probably will be killed.”

Sketchier. And my head is running away from me. After all, I lost it long time back. Hold on, Raj, I try to reassure myself. I look into her eyes, they sparkle with fury. They tell tales which I fail to understand, which I once did.Now she speaks in a different language, or it seems.

She came closer. I can smell the memories. I savour them. Nostalgia. And we hug. I fell her tears fall. ” I am afraid that they will come after me.”

P.S:- You can read the prologue here. Forgot to give the link at the top 🙂


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