RAAVANAN(movie review)

June 19, 2010 § 22 Comments

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Between all that hype, everyone knew that this wasn’t going to be a ‘modern classic’ and it isn’t one. If you forget the hype and look beyond, the movie is good.

The first half is pretty confusing. It takes you a while to realize that you need to wait for the story to be revealed(in the second half). The movie is too loud- my immediate reaction. No humour or funny scenes(fine, there were a couple of attempts, but between all the shouting and macabre, no one felt like laughing) and then it dawns upon you that the writer and dircetor(Mani Ratnam) wants to convey a message.

Problem is, you probably though that this is a ‘family movie’, it isn’t. That sicking feeling, when you see hands being cut off or a woman talking about being raped(Priyamani, plays Veeraiyya’s sister) persists through out the movie. Maybe the idea is to make us think. Think about why extremists/ Robinhoods of the world exist.

Vikram acts really well. You are afraid of him. Initially you think he is a psychopath but later you realize he is human- one with feelings. In fact when he is killed, you admire him. Aishwarya(who plays Raagini), well there are many other actresses who would have done a better job. She seems out of place, but her acting in the second half is decent. Prithviraj’s acting is good- you do loath him in the end.

The music is made for the movie and blends in well. The movie has been shoot in some amazing locations(though you do notice that the places are different) and the camera work is pretty good. The characters are well thought out. Over all it is worth watching. You are expected to take your brains along, connect the dots and form an understanding.

It is far from an ‘entertainer’, be prepared to go through some gruel and gory. Avoid it if you don’t have the gut and the brain.

Rating:- 7/10



§ 22 Responses to RAAVANAN(movie review)

  • UmaS says:

    OOOHHH !!! One straight and crisp review. :)Yeah, too much of hype…and I heard that Abhishek is horrible in the hindi version. Thank God, Mani ratnam didnt think of casting Abhishek in tamil as Ram as he has done with Vikram. Thats a relief…Vikram is doing very well…like him.I dont think I'll go for this…lets see who can persuade me !!!!

  • Vineeta says:

    Nw that doesnt sound very welcoming watch! I would watch it over dvd i guess as I dont think I can take gory and dark cinema.. but thanks for the review 🙂

  • Pria says:

    Reading your review of the movie, then my rate will be only 5.

  • Sometimes movies take time to set-in – It happened with Anbe Sivam, Ayirathil oruvan etc. But since I have not seen this one, will be able to judge only a few days after watching…Destination Infinity

  • pallavi says:

    He he, after all the hype, this is all we get.Btw, you should have added a WARNING at the start of your post… those who have not yet seen the movie (like moi!!) may be more careful 🙂 about reading the review.

  • visheshunni says:

    Hmm..ya Abhishek would have been out of place 🙂

  • visheshunni says:

    🙂 DVD isn't such a bad option 🙂

  • visheshunni says:

    7, because it is different and it has a pretty decent story as well 🙂

  • visheshunni says:

    Yes, I agree….It takes a while for you to make sense… 🙂

  • visheshunni says:

    I haven't given out anything 🙂 I never do 🙂

  • bookslifenmore says:

    I am skipping the Hindi version of the movie! Can't stand Aish & can't imagine Aby as beera!

  • kanagu says:

    Story is not Mani's.. its Valmiki's.. 🙂

  • kanagu says:

    I am not liking Maniratnam's movies after Anjali, roja… I don't think this movie will be in the league of Mounaraagam or Nayagan..he just makes movies with technical superiority not with good story or screenplay. Period.

  • visheshunni says:

    this one has a pretty decent story 🙂

  • visheshunni says:

    lol 😛

  • visheshunni says:

    ha! yes, but the story is different 🙂 see it 🙂

  • Indyeahforever says:

    It is far from an ‘entertainer’, be prepared to go through some gruel and gory. Avoid it if you don’t have the gut and the brain. I will avoid.I feel slightly sick if I so much as see any blood or someone about to be murdered in a movie. :(Rakesh has already made sure that none of his readers watch the hindi version what with labels like silly and crap and all. And a good review that one is too.So no go for both movies.:)

  • visheshunni says:

    ha understandable 🙂

  • I did not find Hindi version gore. But it was boring. (You saw my FB/Twitter review.) I didn't hate it, I didn't like it. I am indifferent.I think in Tamil version you had an advantage that instead of Abhishek's loud and sucky performance you came across Vikram's nice performance.

  • visheshunni says:

    yup, think it Vikram's performance…and yes, it is the way he acts which does liven things up as well…hmm…

  • Reema says:

    I have heard that the Tamil version was lot better than the Hindi one. I have skipped watching th Hindi one. Cant stand Aish.

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