THE KARATE KID-movie review

June 18, 2010 § 13 Comments

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Last minute call from friends and I found myself in Sathyam, on a leather chair, having paid 30Rs. for parking, rushed through the traffic, dressed up hurriedly-was it worth all this? …..Yes, the movie is awesome!

Fine, this doesn’t have a mind blowing story line or awesome gadgets, but then it entertains, is funny and has a couple of morals between all that. The acting is pretty good too. Jaden Smith(who plays Dre) acts well- guess is it is in his blood(?). Jackie Chan- don’t we all love him!

The movie starts of with Dre and his mom(played by Taraji P. Henson) leaving Detroit and moving to Beijing. Dre gets on the wrong side of a bully(who beats him up) and starts hating his new home. Enter Jackie, who plays Mr.Han, the maintenance man, who also happens to know Kung Fu. Dre enters an open competition after challenged by Cheg and his master. Nothing out of ordinary, no twist and turns. What you expect happens.

Even if the entire story is predictable, if the movie is well made then it is worth watching. And this one fits into that category. It has a kiss scene among other things-wonder why you need to show kids kissing, an American obsession perhaps?

Over all, Β it is an entertainer. Predictable but enjoyable. The acting is good and you don’t feel that you are wasting money on it. The action looks real and the kid looks damn fit.

Watch it if you like kung fu movies/Jackie movies. Kids will enjoy this for sure. No unwanted masala and it has a couple of good messages too.

rating:- 7.5/10



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