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It has been a while since I wrote a story. This is another humble attempt at writing one. As the title says, this is a prologue, hopefully i will continue this one(*fingers crossed*).


Raj looked up from the book he was reading. It took a couple of seconds for his vision to adjust and as the blur disappeared, he saw who it was and smiled.

“Hello, Raj”


” It has been a long time, hasn’t it, 12 years I think have transpired.”

Raj,wiped the swear of his brow and replied, ” Yes. 12 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and one day, and this city hasn’t become any cooler.”

“But the weight upon it has increased never the less.”

“Yes, it has grown leaps and bounds. The humble duplexes, how have grown taller and taller, so that you have to look up to see them.”

“Prosperity always comes as a cost.”

“Sometimes, I wonder if it worth all that. After all it has created this mountain by bringing the hills together. The rivers and lakes are soiled and the quaint waves that crashed on these shores, now throw old shoes and despicable plastic. At times, it looks like we are trying to conquer the very spirit which grew into what we live in.”

” But growth cannot have a saturation. It has no saturation. You destroy the old and replace it with what fulfils the present. You know how the past was and you know how today is. But the future will not know the present or the past, but only the future.”

” What future is there, if the very spirit is eaten?”

“Every time you put a foot out, you destroy and you create. Consciously or unconsciously we all do. If we all tread the same road, then as we dig and pave, someone behind us does the same. But we all don’t ride on the same road. This city is not made of one spirit, but many which work together.

“And the spirits choose, what happens and doesn’t happen. A city stands on the ground and that ground serves as its nexus to the other cities. Every tree that is felled, will lead to a change not merely within the city, but in the whole world.

“The spirits of a city are guardians of not merely their creation but also of the spirit of life, their source.”

Raj got up and said “It is nice to have you back my friend. I missed you. Not one day has passed without me thinking about you. Those moments which we spent together. That magic- we thought it will last forever, but it didn’t….”

“But it does and will. Time steals everything that is affected by it. When our eyes met for the first time, they forged a never ending bond.

“The two eyes of a person never get to see other one on one, but ours get a chance when we see other.”

Raj led her out of the porch, into his well kept garden. “You know what, we are still young.”

She smiled. That smile which which held him like a song. Those lips, naturally beautiful, on which he wrote songs. She saw him look at the lips, ” Yes, we are still young.”

Her mobile phone rang. The lips straightened and shrunk. He knew, something was wrong. He caught a faint fear in her eyes. his gut told him, he was going to be drawn into something. His mind resisted. Why him? She attracted enough people, but why him?


“Yes, I know…”

“please, give me some time, I told you so…stop bugging me!”

She sounded miserable. That is rare, he told himself. This is far from being bad. He took a deep breath and asked , “So, Shree, what…”


Their eyes met again…


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