FURY by SALMAN RUSHDIE(book review)

June 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

There is something about Rushdie and the optimism bug. Every time I start reading a book of his, I am bit by it!
Anyway, my first impression about the book was:-

#nowreading Fury by Salman Rushdie …By far his least perverted/kinky book..and yes it isn’t absurd.

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Well he does throw in a bit of his usual absurdity, but it isn’t all that bad. In fact, the book was quite enjoyable. It has a nice innate tempo, which doesn’t bore you or confuse you and he doesn’t run away into too many parallels either.

The author sets about introducing us to life of Malik Solanka, “retired historian of ideas, irascible doll maker, and since his recent fifty-fifth birthday celibate and solitary by his own(much criticized) choice,…”. We get into the ‘head’ of a fellow who doesn’t trust himself and is scared that he might hurt others. He also has a terrible childhood(which the author reveals later, with voyeuristic pomp and ado, not to forget disgusting) and now is haunted by the ‘furies’.

A book always has a bit of the author in it. It is shocking to imagine, what sort of person Rushdie really is. As much as his characters are admirable, he makes you loath them. But maybe, there is some truth in his portraits(?).

One good thing in his books are strong women. And this book has three of them(the three furies). I loved the character of Neela the most. Another good thing about him, is that he does paint the human being pretty well- along with the ironies and the fallibility of life.

The book also deals with relationships and the nexus between experience and the way we relate(or choose to relate) with people. Again, we need to look beyond the flimsy clock of the apparent story and a whole new world(with its certainties, attachments and meanings) reveal themselves.

If you haven’t read him before, maybe you should start with this. For one, the book is pretty small(about 260 pages) and there aren’t too many layers to dig to appreciate it.

Rating:- 7/10



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