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prince of persia sands of time

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An awesome movie! It exceeded my expectations and it is not everyday that you walk out of a theatre feeling that it was worth all that money.

Alright, this isn’t for people who don’t like ‘action’. I loved the concept(have played very little of Prince of Persia, so the plot was new to me) and the acting was pretty good.

Gemma Arterton (princess Tamina) looks gorgeous(how much of it is make-up?) and Jake Gyllenhaal ( Prince Dastan) plays the maverick neatly. Ben Kingsley(Nizam) plays the villainous uncle as smooth as his head. One good thing about Hollywood villains is that they are show as men with a cunning and not dumb brain, rags to riches, stinky fat retards(The Indian antagonist prototypes).

The story moves pretty fast. The ‘twist'(if you want to call that) isn’t unseen before,infact I guessed it(except that I got a minor part wrong), a few films before this have had it(not going to name them, no spoilers here 🙂 ), but it does take you a while to notice it.

The graphics and effects are cool- imagine ‘cool’ in 40C and you get the picture. It was really refreshing to see effects used in a movie, rather than a movie being made out of effects.

Over all I enjoyed the film. A real entertainer with a story line to along with it. It has the right mix which makes it a success. Guess it is for people from the video game gen. but you needn’t have played the game to know the story, it stands its own.

For all that last minute scramble to the movie hall, it was worth it. YAY! Go and watch it now 😀


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