A new beginning

May 28, 2010 § 11 Comments

In another couple of months, I will turn 19. But more than the number of times you have gone around the sun, what is important is how ‘matured’ you are.

A brazen way to begin, alright, but then over the past few months, I have gone through a sort of personal revolution. And moving here, is an out come of that revolution.

I have never felt so confident and strong. I have a new sense of belief. Well summarized by this:-

Unless you believe,
Nothing is possible.
Unless you feel,
Nothing is real.

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I have learnt a lot. Among others- that being open minded means that you should have the ability to see the other person’s point of view without bias.

I am able to do that better now and with a little bit of new found wisdom, I feel a new strength. The old nightmares of being just another face in the crowd, don’t haunt me any more. Neither do the dreams where I dreamt, I was on top of everything. There is a sense of acceptance.

Acceptance. That I am on the right path. That I am not fighting the world, but am a part of it. No more am I trying to be a rebel and at the same time find a place in the system.

I am still that rebel. I refuse to accept things which I feel are wrong, but I know that there is way to solve a problem. The reason why others find your logic unreasonable is because you are not telling them something which suits them.

The puzzle was completed in this book for me. Good can be added to a system, only if you understand the good already present. And ‘evil’ as such is essential. But then what is seen as ‘evil’ to you may not be ‘evil’ to another person.

I say this, not as the person whom people dismissed as being too ‘philosophical’ , but as someone who has in earnest, wants to be a catalyst for something, anything good.

One or two fleeting thoughts do snide but I have found enough belief. Belief, not merely in me, but in the world around me. People will be people- all I need to do is understand them and be good to them. There is no need for me to be afraid of anyone or anything.

And this transition, metamorphose  is not self made. There are many to whom I am thankful to- My parents, grand parents, my sister, friends(especially those who are patient enough to listen to me and point out things) and blogging friends. There are some people who are more than a friend.

And when I think back, a few people who are here(in the blogging world), who have inspired me and helped me  are Nita, Keshi, Paul,  Sakhi, Reema, Aarti, Mahak, Shakti, GB, Indyeah, Shiva, DI and  Priya,  among others. I want to thank you all. I learnt things through your blogs and the conversations we have had.

I can feel it,
I know that,
This is a new beginning.

Read more: The light shines the brightest http://poetry.visheshunni.com/#ixzz0pDXVJwGQ
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial

Now, I hope to embark on a new journey and hopefully I will do well. I know, I am not alone.

Aim for the quasars and you will at least reach the stars 🙂

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