Can’t think of a title.

March 22, 2010 § 10 Comments

Having made great progress today, it is time to write a post. See, I never thought I will  write so many personal posts. After all long long ago, when I started blogging, I wanted to change the world with what I write. Lest the fact that one fine day, I woke up, saw 0 hits, got irritated and moved to wordpress, be not forgotten.

I have grown, evolved,  learned and dreamt through blogging. It has, in many ways, changed too. See I am smiling  at my old, young and changed self. 14,15,16 indeed are a very fine period in ones life. From all those trials, tribulations, exams, lack of friends etc, I have come to a stage where I can sport a beard and curl my Moush.

See being stuck with books, creates a lot nostalgia. And when you see the sunset, a tinge of crystals beckon and wet the sweated cheeks and you reflect rather soberly about those bright young days, filled with anger, frustration, passion and belief.  Truthfully I might have never taken to writing this much, if not for blogging. Those few comments, convinced me that I was destined to greatness.

I also learnt about the world, through the eyes of many bespectacled and some clear lens-ed souls. I saw that there were a few myopic people who existed. Reality though always surprises you. Mainly because this world of mine, requires a certain level of intellect. And if ever a bum decided to bug me, there is a way to block. So though I wasn’t completely prepared, I was prepared.

I haven’t blocked anyone as such. Guess I come across as too much of a serious fellow for people to take me on(or maybe people smiled and declared that I will learn as time passes and went on). But I have come to learn and understand that there are reasons for problems and that it is necessary to get to the bottom of the problem and not fight the hydra.

Issues are complex beings. Life is a complex thing. You see, every action of mine, has a history behind it. Impulse in itself is a product of deliberation, suppression, need, want and expression. If you swat a poor mosquito, you do more than stop a poor creature fr0m sucking your blood, the force you use, is built with speed, anger and what not, developed and stored over a period of time, to express a need.

Now I am not digressing. Rather try and connect the different points. I am in simple terms reflecting upon the times when my frontal lobe was still in its innocence and slowly realising the foibles and ridicules and stupidity in this world. At 18, today, I somehow feel bigger.

At 6 feet something, I do think I can  tower over things. There aren’t many that can shadow me, but when I do end up in a shadow, it causes a lot of retrospection. And maybe, I am under one such shadow now. Maybe this (pseudo) education system is the biggest scourge in this country.

I know, I have offered nothing interesting in this post(till now) , unless you happen to be someone close to me or a shrink(I have respect for shrinks, in fact I have always wanted to be one). This has no humour nor the vigour which is what usually draws people.

But people are weird, people. If you don’t believe me, see the mirror and register that person in your head. Now when you speak or do anything, try making that person in the mirror do the same within your head, you will be surprised, trust me. This does require some exploitation of your  spatial repertoire, but everyone possess at least a jig, so don’t give me excuses.

And if you are too great for such petty things(why did you read till this anyway?), you probably should stand up and drive. comments on Twitpic

Hell to humour, what’s funny anyway? Humour is Overdrawn and no one is going to repay it. Now when you have  such a liability, you are bound have some assets and it surely isn’t cash, so go figure. If you have no clue what that was about, be happy, you aren’t missing anything worth not missing, trust me.

Intelligence is no guarantee for success and the juvenile  delinquent asks why should you waste your time studying.

Dear J

I am jea. I agree. But unfortunately, fairy tales have princesses and heroes. Now how am I to afford a palace, be a gentleman and not a disgruntled driver? Well if you want, you can be a chauffeur for a  Ferrari, but you still don’t owe it.

And the philosopher in me says, ” you own nothing, everything is an illusion”.

I need to go figure. Wait I have figured it out. But you need to learn for yourself. So, sit and reflect. Maybe it is better to agnostic. At least you have a riddle to solve. But costing and laws await me. I have to get back to reading stuff, which give me no joy. But I am not about to complain, exams are getting closer. So follow me on twitter 😛

TC 🙂

P.S:- Have lots of posts to read, but am busy studying 😛 Same reason for not replying to comments 🙂  I love comments, so don’t stop 😀


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§ 10 Responses to Can’t think of a title.

  • Desi Ninja says:

    this is the epitome of personal rant.
    seems like you learned a lot in this young age… and learned it the hard way.
    that’s good.
    the sooner you realise ‘life is not a bed of roses’, the better.

    liked it and keep blogging.
    and best of luck for your exams. 😀

  • Reema says:

    Hmmm..this post went above my frontal lobe!

  • UmaS says:

    Neither am I too great for petty things nor I am a shrink – but just read the whole post without missing out a word, to hear you rant away.

    So, there are ppl like me around, who read your blogs, even when it is quite introspective.

    Keep going, its all part of learning the game of life. 🙂

  • Swaram says:

    Oh ho .. this deserves to be nominated in the best personal rant next time :p Joke apart, we all hv times when we want away to glory 😉 LOL @ the pic .. study well and then be bk to read n comment n reply .. we r rt here 🙂

  • Princess says:

    everybody loves comments so here is one from me to you 😉


  • Smita says:

    I was apprehensive about reading this post but once I started I couldn’t stop reading it 🙂

    Sometimes introspection is good and no harm in putting it here if nothing else we too learn from it 🙂

  • Indyeah says:

    Dont let people get to you…dont waste time on those how dont matter…you know what I mean:)

    apart from that piece of gyaan 😛

    Your post made for compelling reading…it was actually interesting..not a boring rant at all:)
    and much wisdom has been found at a young age I can see:)

  • Cant think of what to comment….

  • I don’t have anything to say about this post 😐 but that is a funny (and weird) picture! 😆

  • christinabay says:

    You always tell, you never say “just something”. I like 🙂

    As you just turned 18, maybe you (don’t) like to read this small post:

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