I for Inspire!

March 9, 2010 § 8 Comments

So this is a sort of tag. Thomas came up with it and did it on FB as a note. And here is my attempt at it.

You are supposed to write down people who inspire you. It’s fun and yes you do realize a few things in between all that 🙂

Shelley and Ayn Rand.

Well guess they are sort of opposites. Yet they do meet somewhere, maybe it is at freedom of expression and well in inspiring me 😛 I came across Shelley in my 10th textbook and his Ode to the West Wind inspired me to start writing poetry. I came across Rand in 12th, when my school librarian recommended her to me. She started a new revolution within, helping me form a stronger base about myself.

Enid Blyton and Agatha Christy

I wasn’t much of a bookie, till about 4th or 5th. Like many in my gen. I was more of a cartoon and T.V. fan. But my mom somehow managed to make me start reading. While I did read a lot of different authors like Perry Mason, Hardy Boys etc, these two stood out. Fatty is one of all time favourites and am still try to learn a bit of ventriloquism. Of course the various Canines in her books might party be responsible for me not hating dogs even though I fear them. In fact I respect them 😛

While I was never a fan of Miss Marple but Poirot! I think I have finished them all. Guess the epitome of her writing was The Murder in The Orient Express. “Sex sells” but then she never wrote anything “sexy” and yet is one of the world’s most read authors.

Vikram Seth and Amitav Ghosh.

While I am tempted to add Rushdie to the list, I stopped with these two. Probably because their style and way of writing opened my eyes to a whole new world and specially a whole new way to write.

Seth’s Equal Music drew me. It also showed me a whole new world- Western Classical Music. It also opened me to a new way in which to pen emotions. His Suitable Boy, again is a classic. When I completed the book, I knew somewhere within, that I had finally learnt how to draw a complete picture.

Ghosh again is an inspiration. I can still see the way in which he introduces the heroine(think Pia was her name). I have read about 4-5 of his books and love them all. His narrative never tends to be boring and his work always seems to combine emotions, imagery and action all at the same time.

Khalil Gibran and Paulo Coelho.

Coelho thought me to believe in myself. Gibran reaffirmed the belief and sort of kindled something within.

Jonny Depp, Will Smith, Amir Khan and Kamal Hassan

One thing which will come to your mind, when you see the above list is the sheer variety of roles the above take up. Who would have thought Willy Wonka is Captain Jack Sparrow. Will Smith is a solid actor. Guess his best performance was in Pursuit of Happyness. Amir again is someone who fills the screen and brings the character to life. Kamal, well there are many memorable movies, again it’s his acting.

Heath Ledger.

Yes he gets a special mention. I have a couple of his movies. But the Joker. OMG! I was left in awe and for about a week I tried pretending to the Joker.

Tchaikovsky and Beethoven

There are many a poems which have been written under their influence. Whenever I lack the inspiration and feel downcast, I turn to these two. No words to describe them. Their music takes you along and you sway and feel the pulse and everything feels so so different.

MS Subbulakshmi

The dedication and the devotion. Music is about throwing your soul into it. She did it.

Theirry Henry, Leo Messi, C Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Zizou.

There are many many great players out there. And this might, really not be final list. But I like for various reasons. Henry, my favourite player. His dribbling, finishing and well the overall way he plays 🙂  Messi my second favourite. Young, fast and awesome. Timid and does unbelievable stuff. His pass to Inestia , his header in the finals. I almost sprained a leg.

Giggs, must a surprise to many who know me. But I admire him. He has been playing at the top-level since times before I was born!!  Zidane, well every knows him and I love his poise. Ronaldo, well I cannot lie. Come on, everyone tries to do step over like him. Ya I call him a ballerino, but hey! I want to try my hand at dancing too! 😛

Nadal and Justine Henin Hardenne

Nadal is pure power. He is like a bull. I only wish I could keep running like him. Henin well, she is grace, elegance and class. Some how I have never been a fan of Roger, but this lady seems to make for the class bit.

Meryl Streep

Am not much of a movie person, but some how I seem to have seen a few movies of hers. She has this thing about her. Something subtle, something that makes you notice and admire.

Calvin and Naruto

Calvin is a legend. Naruto, well it is the only manga I read. Calvin makes you realize all those small things and reminds me of the time I was a kid. Naruto well, the energy, the belief and the attitude.

-TO BE Continued-

I know, I know abrupt way to end this. But there probably are too many people who inspire me. Truthfully I am someone who looks for inspiration in everything. Probably why if someone is angry/sad, it climbs on me too. I guess I am sort of sensitive to everything around me. That’s a lot of “I”s I guess 😛 Anyway maybe I should update this list every now and then. As you can see I haven’t mentioned friends/family. There are many who would make it into such a list without second thought, but I have sort of kept it to people whom I haven’t met.

If you want to do this, you can 🙂


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§ 8 Responses to I for Inspire!

  • thomas says:

    Well, nice job. I’m glad this is catching on. You can tell so much about a person from who inspires him. I have to say I find the sportsmen a little surprising. I dont know. I think I’ve grown out of sports a little bit in these past few months. Not too sure. I can’t seem to connect with you being inspired by people like Nadal and Henin. But thats just probably me.

  • Nice list Vishesh 🙂 Most of these people in your list have inspired me too!! 🙂 These are my most fav ones: Will Smith, Enid Blyton, Johny Depp, Heath Ledger

  • Princess says:

    its good to know there are so many people around who can inspire us in our everyday lives. 🙂

    and the sensitivity of urs is like mine too 😉

  • UmaS says:

    Thats a gud list !!! Ayn Rand – one of my favs !!! Have read all her books !!!

    There a quite a lot of ppl, who inspire us in so many ways !!!

    Seems like an interesting tag !!!

  • Personally, my growing sense over the last couple decades has been that for the most part, one is just an image on the retinas of others – that you yourself are rarely if ever really known, let alone loved or hated.

  • Raghuveer says:

    My list of inspiring anime and movies,music, dances, fight sequences, stories, shows, people, characters, etc. exceeded 10000 so far! I will let you know after I eliminate redundancies and finalize the list!

  • Enyd Blighton or whatever the spelling is gas written some spell bounding books for kids to read during their pre-teens! I just loved her books, back then. Its because of her I started reading more books, but iam a very slow reader!! BTW, I don’t know almost half of the people in your list! Time to get to know them all!!

    Destination Infinity

  • Reema says:

    Ohhh I love Fatty too! and also three investigators. Sorry but its Christie 🙂 I am a Johnny Depp fan too!

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