Inheriting the world- a candid view

February 18, 2010 § 15 Comments

Can we refuse to inherit? No we can’t. Unfortunately.

I am an 18 year, who probably is more sensitive to the world around me than others of my age. When I first heard someone tell me, that my gen. is the hope of the future, I felt happy. That was back then, when I was a 15 year(?) old, when the world seemed a novel place.

Reality(or whatever little of it, i have seen) has a pretty bad influence. Of late, I feel even more pessimistic than usual. Maybe I tend to romanticism too much, but having provided for that, still, the picture looks pretty pathetic.

You see, there are very few who are sensitive to the world in general. And it makes no sense for us(I think I am part of the few), to  just talk among ourselves and discuss. True our India has an “argumentative tradition” (as Sen puts it) but today we no more have rulers who are capable enough of understanding the arguments.

You see, democracy is supposed to empower us. It is supposed to give us voice and supposed to make us a part of the nation. But text books can be pretty misleading(of course if you notice the larger picture, it really isn’t- why are kids supposed to mug? Why are they not given reasons? Marks, teachers, parents, right to talk? hmpf.) and I am sure it has been a pretty sour welcome to reality for many.

Not that I expected anything great.  I set my expectations, as low as possible and yet, things keep hitting new lows. I am doing a professional course and yet I cannot expect professionalism in the institute(I shall keep away from that for now). I go to an esteemed college, where, contrary to the name, there is no Ananda(or a canteen at least to the level of Ananda Bhavan).

See I don’t even need to go to the good parts- politics, global warming, discrimination at various degrees etc. I can choose anything I want and well show you how screwed up it is.

I probably am too tired to write about those many many things which I care about. Now I actually  try to ignore stuff. But I am someone who has learnt to be sensitive to issues. But to what vain?

Inspite of all that, we need to enjoy life. You know what? After a certain while, you get used to these things. Screw expectations, if the system is sucky, you too can make it suck. After all it is just another drop of water. If you want to stand out try adding poison. No one is going to question it. Maybe I am being candid, but hell this is reality, right?

You and me blog and tweet and what not, yet do you think the poachers or the tigers are going to listen to you and me? I do. But I also know they don’t. Do you think the terrorists(of all kinds) give a damn? They have been brainwashed enough. A post, my friend is not going to teach them.

Reality is where you suck up to people and get things done. Hell ya. See thinking of others is a forbidden sin, after all no one gives a damn about you. This is a good old rant, I guess. But I think, I deserve a chance to say these things. And well, seeing the size of the post, I can guarantee myself that most people will see the cartoon and skim through the post and skip to comments, so I can be assured no one is going to give me any sympathy.

Sympathy does us no good. See a fellow sold a movie with sympathy. We are meant to build careers and go on. We enjoy it by having cars/cameras etc. It is better to live in your own shell and wade off invaders. Maybe I should withdraw into mine and not give a hoot, I would love to, but I know I cannot.

I probably care too much. I am trying to learn. But I cannot be a hypocrite. I thought my thoughts were on the right track and maybe they are. But then who cares for what I think? Today we have wonderful people ruling us. I am happy Chennai is a safe city. We hopefully won’t have communal violence here and since it is supposedly conservative, the Senas(or is it padais?) won’t find room here. Try chastising Mylapore and you will been smeared in vibuthi (ash), topped with a namam.

This is another bloody long post. I am happy, I can do this. This goes in line with those conditions apply sort of thing. No one has read it and yet it is out there for everyone to read. This is therapy as well. I feel sort of better. But am still uneasy. After all why do I care? I say I don’t care, yet somewhere in there I care.

I set out believing that the world is good. Now I know the world is good, but the people are too good. I am happy that I have a few friends who can put up with my abject thinking. Abject because, senses and brains are meant for rote learning and yes for feeling pathetic when a person whom you do not know has marked you low.

For those who have been reading my poetry, all this might seem expected. And you probably already know, that I will keep fighting, simply because I am me. Poetry is one of the few joys in this world. IF not for that, I doubt if sanity will ever embrace me.

I recluse to this world, where my thoughts are transformed into unseeable things and spread among humanity in signals. This place is sort of where I belong. But the way I belong to a place never changes- known to everyone, yet very few pay attention. No I am not complaining.

I love to be myself. I find happiness is being me. I know, I know, this has gone out of control. How I wish I had not inherited this world. But hey! at least I should try to make it better for the future right? Peace sounds cool. But you adults are never going to settle for it. After all Europe/Washington is cool enough right? Try Chennai it is hot, you will love it, complete with Molaga Bajji.

Let us face it, all this is too good to be true. We like entertainment. We are selfish. I am- I want to be known in this world. I like to be appreciated and yes I take criticism seriously, because I believe it to be constructive. I think I am a nice guy, especially when you are nice to me. I will do anything for you, as long as I can trust you.

So, whatever. This is a rant, so guess, it ends with a bunch of smileys, showing that all is well. And am not going to edit this. Spellings, grammar and whatever can go hang it self. Carpe diem!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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§ 15 Responses to Inheriting the world- a candid view

  • Carpe diem indeed.

    But we should still try and make it a better place. Even if it seems hopeless.

    LOL @ “See a fellow sold a movie with sympathy” 🙂


    Quirky Indian

    me:- true. 🙂

  • Srini says:

    Rant, awright, an almighty rant – and rest assured I did not skip to the comments after the cartoons. Nor am I bothered about being known or anonymous, Vishesh. But the post is pertinent.

    Few points:

    (i) We tweet, we blog, we talk, NOTHING. The point is we know it is going to lead us nothing but until we are at point where we CAN make a difference, at least we are spreading what we feel, as news or views, in its own way it finds a voice. And we all need to get to a point where we can fight the system should we choose to: in your case for example you ought to survive the system to fight it.

    (ii) The kind of selfishness you talk of is very much prevalent, infectiously so. I will not say if it is unfortunate or fortune; it is for people to pick and choose. There are even sons and daughters of this earth who believe making a difference or trying to make a difference – or voicing it out – is hilarious big time. But it is their choice. Anyone who wants to make a difference has only his will and trials as instruments in his armoury. By the end of his/her life, only half a mile might have been crossed but that matters… Revolutions do NOT happen in a day, nor should they, that’s C.H.A.O.S

    (iii) I guess we discussed sympathy on my blog once and I am inclined to disagree if not confute here. Sympathy DOES make sense if it does not stop there; and no reason why it should. To me, it is an instant reaction of those sensitive to the tragic and the hurtful – whether the impacts are upon oneself or those around. Yet it is when it stops with that that the whole thing becomes futile, even frivolous.

    (iv) POETRY??? 😀 I completely agree. It is one thing that keeps me sane too!

    Yes, do be yourself, and keep fighting. Some day without consciously attempting it, you might have been a small agent of change. And when it comes to positive growth, small or big does not matter; just being a rung in a huge ladder is enough! Cheers!

    me:- “agent of change” I like that 🙂 We’ll talk about sympathy later 😉

  • hitchwriter says:

    I seriously dont mind trying that molaga Bhajji ! 😛 😛 😛

    me: lol 😛

  • There is order in disorder and disorder in order.
    Look more closely.

    Destination Infinity

    me: true 🙂

  • This rant is total reality, total truth and the truth hurts.

    me: 🙂

  • Pal says:

    Definitely long…and now I need some molaga bajji!! And you do think a lot, for an 18-year old!!

    me:- never is my blog complete without that statement 😛

  • Smita says:

    Are u sure u r just 18? :-O

    me:-nope 18 yrs 7months 😛

  • Nita says:

    When you said that ” love to be myself. I find happiness is being me. ” that is a very profound thought. One thing you have to remember though is that if you accept reality you not being a hypocrite. Idealism is fine but finally one has to live in this world, and to be happy work within the system. Sure, one can do one’s bit to change it, but it should not consume one. In fact on saturday I was at a school talking on a similar subject and the main gist of my talk was that one has to work within the system otherwise one can lose hope. And we have to value whatever little we can contribute otherwise we can lose hope. Little drops make an ocean anyway.

    me:- very true. Accepting reality is different from accepting what it holds..only when you accept it, can you understand and work to move it 🙂

  • Xylene says:

    Yes, the system is hard to fight against. But then there should be someone out there to do it. Everyone is not a leader.

    Its okay to feel that we were not able to change the world by a blog or few tweets. But you can’t stop trying.

    me:- do or die? 😛

  • Charisma says:

    hi vishesh 🙂
    you are never short of words 😉
    lined up all the horrible things happening and yet finished the post with hope, positive thought and loads of smileys..nice


    me:-thanks 🙂

  • “I set my expectations, as low as possible and yet, things keep hitting new lows.”

    I’m 53 years old and American, but your statement sums up the experience I’ve had of my own culture and society over the course of my lifetime.

    The overall course that humankind seems to be taking doesn’t look so good to lots of thoughtful people these days. Of course, who knows for sure – hard to predict the long term future.

    All the same, I tend to think the planet is in pretty good shape. With another 500 billion years of sunlight left, life may well end up by coming up with a better idea than Homo sapiens.

    And then there’s the matter of one’s own relationship to life. If you know you’ve done your best in your circumstances, that’s a peaceful thing no matter what goes on in events beyond your control.

    me:-Guess I try to be a control freak at times…oh ya nature can surely come up with something better than man 😛

  • anishthomas says:

    Dude we need to meet again.You need my advice 🙂 . Come on, an 18 year old guy can do a lot of ‘wonderful stuffs’ instead of getting serious like this.

    P.S Try Chennai it is hot, you will love it, complete with Molaga … lol , Very true 🙂

    Me:-ya ya ya..I can do a lot..this is just a rant 😛

  • Reema says:

    “I am happy Chennai is a safe city. We hopefully won’t have communal violence here”
    Recently there was Tamil – North Indian problem in a college in Chennai and Police asked North Indians students to go back to home for safety. I know this cuz my brother in laws had to go back home to Shillong to avoid violence.

    me:- Yes, I heard about it. No excuses. But I wasn’t really surprised by it either

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