A shot at the world record for the most number of participants in a live painting competition

January 29, 2010 § 18 Comments

The Rotary Club of Madras Central organized a drawing competition, “Chithiram Pesuthadi”. The competition aimed to break the existing world record for the most number of participants in a live painting competition(Guinness  record) .  About 16000-20000 students participated and I guess that should do it(the official numbers should be submitted to Guinness before conformation).

From rotarydrawing

Probably the only place in the city, which can hold so many people at the same time, is the Chepauk Stadium. The event co-sponsored by Abirami Mega mall was inaugurated by The Mayor of Chennai, M.Subramaniam and the governor of Rotary District 3230. The competition kicked off at about 11:30 and got over at about 1:00 pm.

It was well organized and thought out. Wooden stands and cardboards were placed in front of the seats, to make it easier for the children to paint. Paints, brushes, pencils , erasers, papers etc were provided by the organizers along with snacks and water.

From rotarydrawing
From rotarydrawing

It was a breath-taking site, to see so many young artists paint at the same time. The event saw both private schools as well as corporation schools taking part(the latter being more disciplined). It was a humongous event, especially considering the logistics involved.

Special buses were organised, organizers recruited and of course preparing the painting stands and making sure every child gets a proper chance at painting. And the children did justice to the opportunity provided. The differently abled children should get a special mention, especially this boy:-

From rotarydrawing

And this kid too:-

From rotarydrawing

Funny, none of the television channels seemed to have covered it(correct me if I am wrong). After all it is not every day such an event is going to take place. As mentioned the corporation school kids were way better- kids from private schools started flinging the cardboards provided on to the ground and the teachers and volunteers couldn’t do anything about it. Fortunately, nothing went out of control.

In all the event was a big success. The police and the corporation of Chennai should get a special mention. The results will be announced soon.

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§ 18 Responses to A shot at the world record for the most number of participants in a live painting competition

  • Pal says:

    Yay! That’s awesome! Congrats, Chennai 🙂
    (Btw, were they inspired by Taare Zameen Par?!)

  • Aarti says:

    Woww,beautiful!! makes me more proud to call myself a Chennaite!! 🙂

    Thanks for the post… must have been awesome being there to witness this event!!

  • Smita says:

    wow!! Surel looks like a very well organised event!!!

    And how could you even think that media would cover it??? I mean how can they cover events which will not give them TRP’s!

  • Swaram says:

    Woww! Thatz awesome! Its so nice that all kinds got to participate 🙂 Kudos to all of them who got it done 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Its really sad if the TV channels did nt feature this one, but we do know they r only there for spicing up things most of the time 😀

  • Its quite tough to organize a competition of this magnitude… nice initiative. There is a latest trend esp. in the international schools etc where the students are considered as customers and hence they are not made upset as they pay a high fees!!

    Destination Infinity

  • Sowjanya says:

    I am a proud mother of one of the participants.My daughter kept telling me how beautifully the whole event had been organised and how well all the participants were taken care in the event.I have been searching in all the newspapers for pictures and an update but was dissapointed that I could not find any information about it.Today I saw this site with the photos and details..only thought which comes to my head is WOW..BEAUTIFUL!!everybody is a winner in this event ..CONGRATULATIONS..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..God Bless all the children and the organisers who made this event such a big success

  • harini says:

    i am happy to say that i was one of the participant of the event.it wa very well organized with 20,000 participants from chennai .but we are unable to know the results . it would be good if it is announced soon.

  • Hey !!! Thats a very good one !!! An event that needs special mention.

    Gud u covered it, Vishesh !!! Were u there ?????

  • Pushpa says:

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!! to my boss he was slogging for this event to be a success and he made it……

  • Manoj says:

    Wow!! It’s not a small thing to manage a huge gathering efficiently! Well executed plan! Inspiring!!

  • Bhakti says:

    had a regreat taht my kids were not one of the participant for such big event .Media covers only
    usual,routine ,base less etc event.This was “out of the world event “World will recognize this.May such inspiring event take place year to year.

  • @pal: 😀 no no TPZ 🙂

    @aarti: ya it was awesome 😀

    @smita: ya true…I can only imagine if the same thing had been done in mumbai/delhi

    @swaram: lol, ya true 🙂

    @DI: oh! maybe so…but kids should know better..

  • @sowjanya: thanks 🙂

    @harini: the results will be announced soon.

    @uma: yup, I was there 🙂

    @pushpa: er..who is your boss?

    @manoj: thanks 🙂

    @bhakti: not to worry, hope we do it again next year 🙂

  • Reema says:

    awesome event!! did u paint too?

  • harini says:

    very sad to say that the greatest event had no winners at all.they have not announced the results for the past one month.this Guinness record has no evidence .such a waste painting competition i have ever participated .They are not even capable of announcing the winners

  • naresh says:

    im one these partipants i drew

  • harini says:

    i dont know when the hell willthey announce these results

  • naresh says:

    i dont know when the hell willthey announce these results

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