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Well rhetoric is an Indian right. Exaggeration and  stories are the India intelligentsia’s right. Coming up with absurd ideas and becoming a best-seller is a well a best-sellers right?

An enjoyable book. How screwed can you think anyway? His English is good- at least that’s a concession in my case, for reading the book, after all English is supposedly dead.  The previous post, had a few shades of his style I guess(without the undesirable parts, I guess ).

History redefined. The book talks about Saleem who is born on the stroke of midnight. It is an autobiography of the character, who tells his weird and pathetic and messed up(add many other negative adjective you want) life.

I can’t reveal the story as such, for even the glimpses of it, might rob this sight of it’s universal rating. The book can have other impacts as well, like it can drive you crazy. You might wonder what’s happening in the world around you.

This is the second book of his I read and the more I read, the more I am convinced that trash sells(er..a certain Bhagat comes to my mind, but at least that fellow writes small books and stops with being a racist). The ideas are amazing and almost Satanic in certain ways.

See I am in two minds, whether to trash the trash or say that the (almost) empty perfume bottle in it, gives out a good smell to it. This doesn’t even seem like a review. But what do you expect to write?  And yes, there aren’t many around, you have read his books, my advice to you people- if you like nonsense and absurd, exaggerated(there is some truth in between it all) and the like, read it.

It’s been an awesome journey reading the book, I feel absolutely enlightened. So much so, that I have a halo around my head and am three feet above the ground. So run fast and grab the book, enlightment awaits you. *ugh

Rating:- 3/10 (or) 9/10 (he is the cause for the confusion bug, as simple as that and now I am done with it, or am I? er.. 😐 ) 😛

P.S:- Only 6 comments, in my previous post? Tsh..tsh… 😛


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