December 24, 2009 § 7 Comments

So I have been a good boy this year 😀 So I hope Santa(is that belly because of excessive drinking? )  gives me something. So Santa, if you are reading this( am going to tweet this, so do give me a gift and yes do give all those wonderful people who retweet a gift each, as well 😛 ) , I want:-

1) A new Ferrari car.

2) A football Club in the English Premier League(see no question of a wrong ‘Clause’ in my wants 😛 ).

3)  A new DSLR camera(along with the highest memory card possible).

4) An island in the middle of an ocean(can be even another dimension), which is tsunami, Earthquake,  volcano and any man-made or natural disaster proof.

5) A designer who can build exactly what I want in the above mentioned island, all for a consideration of less than Rs.1001 😀

6) 10 raised the power of 100(you can’t complain that the script for the power went bad in IE 😀 ).

7) A library with 10000000 readable books(yes, in the island 🙂 ).

Well this will do for this Christmas, I don’t want to make any absurd demands Santa, see I am such a good boy( yes, my halo is glowing 😀 ) .

So everyone Merry Christmas(and retweet this post, so that it reaches it Santa and you get an extra gift from him 😉 )

P.S:- Me off to Singapore for a holiday 🙂 So will be off blogging for a while 😀


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