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It’s been a while, since I wrote a movie review. Put it down to not watching enough movies. And there is a good thing about that too- when you do want to watch a movie, you call buzz a friend, ask for a good movie and watch it, no need to worry about getting stuck with a bad one.

This movie is awesome, to say the least. I loved it. “Boy meets girl” story alright, but the ending isn’t what you expect. The music( by Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen)  is superb, it makes the movie even better. And the acting was damn good, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who plays Tom Hansen) and Zooey Deschanel ( who plays Summer Finn)  bring their characters to life and make you think it is a real story.

The story moves back and forth, between day 1 and day 500. It is about a relationship and it is very “American”, but nothing wrong with that. The girl doesn’t believe in true love and the boy, thinks she is his soul mate. They are “friends” but Tom is not quite sure, if he wants it to be that way.

I like the way the movie builds up, not all that forceful, slow and steady, I had a smile through out the movie, I think 🙂 The sort of movie, you can watch when you want something fun and nice to watch.

I recommenced this one. But those who don’t like “American” types of boy-girl relationship and a bit of swearing and “masala” thrown in, stay away.

Rating- 9/10 ( wanted to give it a 10, but well am not going to rate it too high 😉 )

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