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November 9, 2009 § 20 Comments

Its been raining Chennai for the past few days. So no classes blah blah. Of course none of the national NEWS channels would have told you that many have died and many more misplaced and that schools and colleges have been closed etc(that doesn’t stop a few colleges and schools from working). Wrote a poem as well(in my poetry blog).

From newcamera2
From newcamera2

More about the second photo later.

I do wonder why rains in Chennai/TN don’t make it to the NEWS. Someone gets crushed by a bus in Delhi and the media is all over the place, someone sneezes in Mumbai and its hot NEWS. I am just curious that is all. After all people with better discretion run those things, the fourth estate etc etc.

We have had a couple of political fiascos going on as well. MNS, breaking microphones and well even trying to assault another leader in the Maharashtra assembly. Cool. We can forget about peace talks and Gandhigiri with such people around. No wonder others think they can lay claim to pieces of our land.

And of course one poor politician getting caught at it. I am a CA student and well the IT act(well a part of it, for my level) is there in the syllabus and  trust me, it is the most complicated thing I have never read/tried to read. As I commented – why don’t we let the IT department go after terrorists? (as per the act, illegal income is also taxable(correct me wise ones). But we all do know, the reality, if not the truth. Come on , where is 1.5 crores and over 2000 crores?

Farmville- well am jobless enough to afford getting caught up in something for a while. So yes, apart from the NEWS channels, this has kept me going(and tweeting and blogging as well). I get detoxed pretty fast, so am not worried about getting addicted etc(though it did feature in my dream yesterday night, does that count?) .

Anyway its been 20 years since the Berlin wall fell. It showed that people can rise together and get what they want. We can learn a lot from history, but ironically the only people who learn it(you and me) don’t care about it(the least popular subject in schools I think).

Once upon a time, I used to dream of making a world a better place etc, but when everyone hung up on making things bad, you can’t really stop anyone. So anyway, the present gen. will long be gone, it won’t be gen. X or Y it will be another one, but surely a human one(hopefully nature doesn’t watch movies/listen to humans-2012?).

What most of don’t realize is that, it is not the planet which needs saving, it is our race. This rock has been here for aeons, what makes you think, a bunch of petty creatures can destroy it? Human vanity, nothing else. And remember we are part of nature as well. Intelligence does weird things to you,  like making you think you have too heavy head. Just use it, stop trying to praise it too much. *and my comp is usually on for about 12 hours a day 😛 *

Lots more to say, but this post is just a random one, so let me end by remind you of the Great Super Heroes Challenge, just scroll down, you will find it.





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§ 20 Responses to rains, NEWS etc

  • Atleast chennai gets into the news once in a while – the smaller towns/cities don’t even get that coverage!! But I think only empty vessels make noise… 😀

    Destination Infinity

  • Swaram says:

    Lovely pics yet again! Loved the 2nd one!

    MNS, these terrorists – aww seems like its all eternal! Nthg else makes it to the news 😦

    Welcome to farmville btw 😉

  • Lovely pics.. “More about the second photo later.” ?later when?
    Welcome to farmville.. add me as a neighbor.. I love rains.. enjoy your holiday on account of rains.. rest is sad 😦

  • Hey vishu.. can you give me more time for the super heroes thingy? Not sure if I can complete by 15th 😦 Let me see if I can finish

  • Manoj says:

    What about the second photo?
    And I do agree with your stand on National news channels. It’s rare that news from the Southern side makes it to headlines.

  • Vimmuuu says:

    LOL, techincally, you are bringing in that north south divde yourself ! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Think about it !

  • Machibex says:

    No matter what you do, things are beyond your reach, so just adapt and go on. That’s the best you could do right now.

  • sakhi says:

    Wow its still raining.. ours is still a dry state! 😦

    I loved the second pic 🙂

  • Aarti says:

    Was just thinking i shd do a post on Chennai rains wiht some pics i clicked…

    Love the 2nd pic and yes, i wanna know more abt it!!! 😀

    well, looks like chennai aint that happening for NEWS channels to talk abt it.. not enuf pedestrians run over or animals killed or celeb wannabes!!! 🙂

    Funny u mention Berlin wall.. was watching Inglorious Basterds last nite [ or rather stared watching] and remembered stuff abt Germany

  • Smita says:

    My parents were telling me that it is raining like cats n dogs out there. As far as being reported in news….some movie stars house shud get drowned & see how fast news channels will land there!!!

    Enjoy the forced break 🙂

  • Nita says:

    Vishesh, I knew it was raining that side, like crazy in fact because I know someone there. They had to cancel a picnic on sunday. But you are right, there is no mention of it here in the news. Actually you might feel that mumbai is in the news, but a couple of years ago it wasn’t when the channels were more or less new and had less of infrastructure here. As of now english channels have their head offices in delhi and I bet they don’t have proper staff in Chennai. I used to resent the fact that they don’t report mumbai. I remmeber when there were those crazy floods in mumbai the channels reported it a day late while even a little rain in delhi would get coverage. Anyway I think they beefed up their infrastructure after that.

  • Nita says:

    vishesh, where is your poetry blog? Nowadays I don’t go by the reader but see blogs at random but do not have the url of your poetry blog. I don’t see it here.

  • Aneesh says:

    Well, media might’ve lost interest in “rain deaths” and other calamities with it. Everything is business now a days, they show what the viewers want to see and not what needs to be shown.

    And about History, I read it somewhere, history is the winner’s story, so we might need to ask the losers also. if Hitler had won the war, how history might’ve changed, interesting, but luckily it always goes in a positive note, it seems

    Don’t underestimate human-devils, now we are trying to move to another planets, may be a time will come when we have the capability to use planets as a use-and-throw thing? Well, I know it seems impossible, but what was impossible 100 yrs ago is possible today.
    well, wait and see, that’s the motto.

    BTW, it’s raining here in kerala also

  • Princess says:


    the second photograph is brilliant 😀
    you can get caught up in FB games atleast for a whole week 😉
    I hope to find games where we can use some neurons rather than click click click and again click.. LOL.. we do nothing but mouse clicks, no need to think just need to wait till it gives fruits.. it more than anything adds up to my boredom.


  • When have these filthy news channels ever cover anything about India? For them, India equals the cow-belt states and they don’t even provide enough news about them.

    The outrageously stupid coverage of these filthy news channels are getting stupider and stupider by the day. One day those worthless fellows will have to go the way of the dodo. They have served their purpose of providing some variety from the Dirty Disgusting channel (DD). Now its time to kick them out and replace them with better channels. Al-Jazeera is doing a great job of providing fairly unbiased coverage and decent journalism. Everything is available on the web and people will slowly stop watching these Stone Age news channels. Pathetic newsreaders (that’s what they are, calling them journalists is an insult to the profession of journalism) like Roy, Dutt, Sardesai, Ghose and Goswami will have to bite the dust and lick their own wounds.

    When did Abu Azmi become a “leader”? A lowly goon who uses foul language on his fellow legislators and shown them his filthy footwear is a “leader”? If Abu Azmi is a leader then the MNS fellows who created a ruckus are national heroes!

  • Oh I forgot to mention, lovely photos! 🙂

  • @DI: LOL 😛 ya I agree about the empty vessels 🙂

    @Swaram: Ya, the NEWS is sort of boring now days 🙂

    @ashwini: 0 entries, contest closed 😛

    @manoj: sad isn’t it? We should do something about it 😛

    @Vimmuuu: of course I am 😀

    @machibex: ha lol as they say I never learn 🙂

    @sakhi: Still dry? :O

    @aarti: lol , we are good people 😛 Should watch the movie, how is it?

    @Smita: lol 😛

    @nita: they do have something called NDTV hindu over here as well…

    @aneesh: Ya history is a funny thing 😛

    @aiz: Ya, I have got a tractor now to save on the clicking 😛

    @Raj: I agree with what you say 🙂

  • My cousin called up to say that the rain was almost like a cyclone and i was thinking how the hell i missed it.. now i know why!

    And buddy you have some amazing thoughts! dont you ever despair 🙂

  • Enjoyed and still enjoying the rains…they are my absolute fav….even though my clothes are damp always…. 🙂

  • Reema says:

    Well NDTV covered the Chennai rains!!

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