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First I should thank Shivya for recommending this book(click on the ‘image from here’ link) 🙂

Past life therapy, hypnotics, philosophy, past lives, planes etc. This book is one adventure. First of all, this is a true story, but I found it tough to read it that way- I approached like how I would read a Coelho.

The book is a first person account of the ‘case’. Dr.Weiss talks about messages from ‘masters’ in a higher plane, given through a girl when he was hypnotized. There is nothing which stops you from believing(I do wonder how people in the ancient world know they lived in 1863 B.C.).

Of course, if this book is to believed, then many things which I believe in are true. I do believe that we hold enough knowledge within and we can tap it. If you are interested the psyche then I recommended it too.

And the patient is ‘cured’ through it. I have come across enough of ‘experiences’ to believe in the book. But I am curious about the fact that everything seems unidimensional  in certain ways- that is there is no exploration into the messages or trying to appreciate them in the larger sense.

One funny thing I noted though, it must be a common perception – Hindus practise meditation, now that is good stereotype 🙂  If we all did meditate, I don’t we will have all those fights 😛

Rating:- 7/10( the book is nice, read it, but this is not the book which I am in love with 🙂 And ya the book is pretty small too, about 200 pages, so you can grab it and read it at a shot 🙂 )


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§ 15 Responses to MANY MASTERS, MANY LIVES by DR BRIAN WEISS(book review)

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