A dead leaf

September 1, 2009 § 23 Comments

He held the dead leaf in his hand. Fallen from its plant, it was left to rot and fuel its own origin.

Or it could be picked by a wind. It can fly away from here, it can sail to the lands the winds choose and finally i might settle in a land of paradise, forever in a new joy or..

..or it might end up in a land as dead as itself. It will then stay there, till something swallows it or lifts it again. But one which is dead?
Dead and free?

When it was alive, it was bound to its plant. It nourished it like its brethren , it was one among all, acting like how all expect it to. But is this what a passing eye feels but never the one held? Maybe it is held thus, because it chooses to?

But doesn’t one dream of the birds in the sky, at least when one is young and can race the clouds? Is it that dreams are meant to be dreamt but never sought in life? Is it just, is it fair to just die? Is this how frail all this is?

Is this a continuum, where the memories are buried and memoirs forgotten, sooner or later?

We strive for living, we fight for survival, we work together, we rebel, there are new beginnings , there are old endings, a fresh burst of air here, more heat there, one for all, all for one, will it be in the end, that we all will come alive, like actors talking a bow as themselves and being applauded for the parts we played?

Is this all a fantasy, these endless possibilities? Is our imagination a tool used to lead us from reality, which might shock the living out of us? What is living, if we are to die a baseless death? But isn’t this what we see and learn? How is this real? Can there be something bigger which we are a part of?

Is it love, that we die for? Is it misery that we live for this long? Do we all wait for the day, when we open our eyes no more? Is it that the quest we go on, offers no more, for the recesses have long outrun the excitement of the path, unbeaten?

Are words capricious fabrications, just to easy the pain of knowing the inevitable ? Is the mind there only to paint a vivid misery when in joy and a blunt happiness when in sorrow? Is the past only to be a seed for a morrow and today a retrospection where we dare to water that seed and tomorrow the day when the leafs do peek again, a visage fresh and innocent that the first brush with the polluted air does font it of earth?

So much for a dead leaf. What beauty can there be in the dead? For once dead all that remains is to rot. But when alive, all that remains is that we die. But when unborn, when a dream, all that remains is to brought alive. Call it optimism, call it human vanity, call it that I try to hide from reality and maybe it is true but I will dream anyway.

I may fail again and again. But I will pick up leaves again and in them see much more than what I need to. It might all be a soothsayer’s words, but at least there is hope of a better morrow. The plant may not remind us of the leaf, but the leaf sure does make you search for a plant.

I believe there are magic flowers, do you? Even if you don’t I do. I can feel them, hear them, see them, one day I will get to them. When I do, I will show them to you, I will not get angry or take pride for how can own that which is already owned, unless it is a meek being or I elude myself by calling it is a gift. When a leaf is plucked another one might grow, but there is more to be given for that to happen.

You can hold water in your palms but can we stop it from evaporating? Only thing left is to put to use while we still hold it.

magicfolwers ;)


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§ 23 Responses to A dead leaf

  • “Naan…..ENNA?”
    More effective in Tamizh I surmise.

    I tend to scrutize myself cos I believe in the fact that once I understand the answer for the aforementioned questions, all the answers for your questions willc asually trail along:)

    Well put:)

  • “Naan…..ENNA?”
    More effective in Tamizh I surmise.

    I tend to scrutinize myself cos I believe in the fact that once I understand the answer for the aforementioned questions, all the answers for your questions will casually trail along:)

    Well put:)

  • Ordinary Guy says:

    I very honestly did not get it 😛

    too much of thinking involved 😛 😛

    btw, why are writing such articles??? college pidichalliya???? 😛

  • Solilo says:

    Nice picture of dead leaf.

  • Vimmuuu says:

    Which language is this 😉 ?

  • what a philosophical post.. 🙂

  • kanagu says:

    I lost after 2 paras Vishesh… will try to read it again 🙂

  • hitchwriter says:

    I like the leaf…

    thats all i gotta say.. !

  • Swaram says:

    You can hold water in your palms but can we stop it from evaporating? Only thing left is to put to use while we still hold it.


    What a comparison drawn 🙂

  • Nita says:

    You think so much!! You remind me of myself when I was your age! 🙂 There is much beauty in a dead leaf, and yes, a dead leaf can bring out all kinds of philosophical thoughts.

  • I think dreams are a good thing and reflect the depths of trust that are built into us even if our dreams don’t adequately reflect what that trust is founded on because we’re only human.

  • If there is life, then there must be death…otherwise life loses it’s meaning 😐

  • sakhi says:

    Ditto to Raj! 🙂

    btw..stop experimenting with photoshop so much… the flowers would have looked awesome had you not tempered with them 😛

  • OMG ! Vishesh, are you really 18 ??? Man, you think toooo much !!!

    But gud thinking !!!

  • Poem in paragraph form :-p ??

    Destination Infinity

  • :p Energy is neither lost nor gained. It merely transforms from one phase to another. You can neither create energy nor destroy it. That is one law of the universe. In this light, individual life and death seem very petty no? I really wonder how people think so much is under their control and they are the creators!!

    Destination Infinity

  • Loved it Vishesh….

    Am very fond of parallels drawn! and u have done an awesome job of it…

    a dead leaf, sigh. u just don’t know what gets the questions ticking, na?

    The dead leaf u saw…. can we call it dead now? it gave life to your thoughts… it lives in ur questions, its alive in ur mention, it’s existence is stored on this page and it has reached so many people… all co it inspired u to look further than what u see…

    i believe the same for life Vishesh. Maybe death renders our body lifeless… but aren’t we beyond that? we’re each an entity, who touch lives…

    how we touch lives and how we make a difference will depend on our choices, our deeds..

    but i do believe Vishesh, everytime u make someone smile, everytime u add value to someone’s life or change it in a positive way.. u are immortal…

    and when those ppl live on, they live with a bit of u in them!!

    dead leaf… its still alive here now!! 🙂

    ur analogy of death and the unborn dream… its beautiful! HUGS!!!!!

    yes, ur essence at the end i totally loved… we must make the most of it now, it slips away by the moment!!

    and as we make the most of it and touch lives, we defeat death, bit by bit!!!


    am in awe of ur command over crafting of language Vishesh! bless u!! hugs!!!

  • @arch: absolutely … who Am I ? 🙂

    @OG: illa CA padikiren… 😛 collegela sooma who cares?

    @solilo: thanks

    @Vimal: guess its English..

    @avada: 😛

    @kanagu: 😛

    @swaram: 😛 😀 🙂

    @Nita: its funny how sometimes these things come up isn’t it 🙂

  • @Paul: yes…often dreams make us feel more secure than money in the bank..unless of course we are dreaming about that 😉

    @raj: yup!

    @sakhi: teekaa 😛

    @Uma: oh! I am 18 -118 😛

    @DI: you used use captial P 😛 Yes energy is neither created nor destroyed…but the form or shape it takes changes 🙂

    @crafty: Nothing is dead, unless everything dies 🙂

  • Reema says:

    sorry to be late ..it had got lost in starred items. I mark star when I read but keep it for commenting later. heavy stuff!

  • Amit says:

    liked the angle from where the dead leaf was captured..


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