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Well I guess I know where our mega serials got their inspiration from 😉 This is one of the longest books I have ever read.

The story’s central theme is about a mother’s hunt to find a suitable boy for her daughter. In between the story spreads far and wide , much like our serials. Now I guess I can empathize with our tele addicts ,finally. I got so attached to the lives of the a few people , that at a particular point I couldn’t get myself to read a part, as I didn’t want a character to get hurt.

The second you browse through the book you feel a warmth about – the index in the form of poetry , the size of it and of course the beginning of the book , so bright and optimistic(ha seems like a century has passed since I read that part 😉 ) .The book starts with a wedding and ends with one.

Set in the early 1950s the book captures the then India – fresh from waking up at midnight . It shows the communal frictions , the political scenario and the the way people lived. Tales of love and hate , friendship and enmity flow free.

You can almost feel the author in this book. Some how I like Seth’s books , An Equal Music , had a class about it and this sketched with familiar paint , is more poignant and shows how much we have come forward. In a way it inspires you even more to think of taking this country further forward, after all we can see what the seeds buried back then has yielded.

Of course , the description of the girl and her personality made me wish she was mine 😉

Rating:-10/10( well if you hate big , emotional books , stay away!)


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