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This one picks off where the earlier one left. We find Sam Witwicky leaving for college. He tells the Autobots that he wants to be like any other college going kid , only to find that something from the cube(through the shard he possess)  has gone into him. The Decepticons go after Sam(Shia LeBeouf) with whose help they can reach the  Enegron source  (buried in earth many centuries ago) which kills stars and converts the star’s energy to energon.

Megatron is revived and the Decepticons try to ‘steal’ the information from Sam , who is saved by Optimus Prime and others.But Optimus gives up his life while trying to save Sam. Without Optimus to stop them , the fallen and Megatron tell Earthlings to hand over Sam or that the entire planet will die. Without knowing what to do , Sam , his girlfriend Mikaela(Megan Fox) and his college room mate Leo Spitlz(Ramón Rodríguez) with the help of the former agent Simmons (John Turturro)from Sector 7 , learn about other aliens hiding. One such alien Jetfire , is an old decepticon who has changed sides , is found in an Air museum and is reactivated . Sam tells him about the symbols which “sees” . Jetfire teleports them to Egypt.

With Optimus’ body being brought to Egypt and the decepticons trying to revive the Energon source , Sam finds the Matrix of Leadership , using which he can activate Optimus and a battle starts.

The movie was awesome! I loved every bit of it. Its got a bit of humour strewn about and the battle scenes are breath taking! With all the hooting and cheering in the theater , it was a lively experience 🙂

Of course a few of my friends tagged along to see Megan Fox and so I should say that the makeup as good and so she looked good too. The acting is pretty good too and the jokes are timed properly. Optimus Prime , I think was cheered more than Megan Fox.

As such the movie was worth my money and worth writing a review. I liked it and well will go back to watch the third part as well. A few of were left to wonder , why aren’t there any colleges in India like the one in the movie 😉  The effects are damn good , infact , you don’t realize that the Autobots and decepticons aren’t alive! Amazing movie , must watch !

rating- 9/10.

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