Downloading and first impression of Ubuntu-Linux

April 2, 2009 § 27 Comments


So after whining forever about vista eating my RAM and Windows bugging me,I managed to get Linux at last. Downloading it from the Ubuntu website I burnt it using the instructions they provided , into a CD(you need to download a opensource software to do burn the image if you are using Vista/XP).

Having heard so much about it, I wanted to see what is so special about it and booted it through the CD drive. I was amazed at the speed and simplicity of the OS even when it was booting from the CD drive.

And having fall in love with it,I proceeded to install it. First I cleaned up one of drives in Vista and rebooted my comp. And installing the OS was a piece of cake . It used the free drive to install itself and bingo I was done . So rebooting and choosing Ubuntu at the boot,I entered the world of Linux users.

My first job was to configure my IP to the switching network . And I went about searching throughout the thing . And after some 5 mins a call to my friend revealed that it was actually in a much more suited page to help in easy config( the ‘start’ bar so to speak for windows users). And once my Internet was up , the next step was downloading all the updates.

You get firefox , a bittorrent downloader among other things . I then tried to open a music file in a format which neither real nor Windows media player could open and to my surprise it gave me a message that it would need to download a codec , being a microsoft user , I was almost about to say ‘here we go again’ and was contemplating the amount of time which would be spent to download a converter but to my surprise again , it found the codec and downloaded it( and I was grinning like I had just been selected for a toothpaste commercial).

You can download most of your usual stuff including picasa and google talk(though no file transfers are allowed) . And of course all the open source out there is yours ! And over all I am going to stick with this . It takes lesser time to boot , no losing your head as in Vista and much much more( And I hope to discover so much more!!).

I would suggest you to shift to linux ASAP. More update on my Linux experience soon.


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