Education and Making sense of it all

February 14, 2009 § 14 Comments

Over the past few weeks ,I have been reading and seeing a lot,both in the main stream media and the blogosphere.
And trying to fit it all and make sense of it all seems pretty tough.

First of all frankly I am disappointed both by the action and the reaction.The actions were strong,the reactions stronger.It did give me satisfaction to see that those who tried to sell the devil’s trap got some knickers on their face.But then thinking again into the root of all this,where did all this start?

Over 60 years have gone since independence,yet such primitive values stick around.We shouldn’t forget that emancipation started with the times of Raja Ram Mohan Roy.Yet after all these years, medieval values still have managed to survive.What is more startling is the amount of people who are ready to take such values and infact go about trying to enforce them.

I had written a post ,saying that these have risen from the society and education is the way. Yet how are going to do it is a good question. From what I have observed,values are  not thought,they are acquired.I don’t think I would need to give an illustration for that,just think about it.

Now then what do people who subsribe to such lowly values find attractive in them that they take it? What comfort does morally binding others into their homes get? From past we can take it that this is a threat to very priniciple of lazies faire ,what starts today with what we wear,might tomorrow lead to the idea that money is the root of evil.

At first reading Ayn Rand’s books,I was left with a lot to think.What disturbed me was her discription of human society. The illustration of what can happen to the society with the sacrilegious principles was condescending. For someone who essentially believed that goodness is the “eternal fountain” suddenly seeing a scrummage of parasites against humans was shocking.Surely such a juxtapose is an exaggeration? And there are enough white cells to kill the viruses?

And then it made sense.I just saw the world around.And then the slow build up of events.I looked closer and true enough,there were enough Viruses(no these weren’t parasites,these were viruses) to keep us humans under check.And the fact that man has dominated other creatures seems to be more the reason for these creatures to survive and wear a human skin and breed.More like a Trojan,I would say.They have waited patiently and now they seem to be out in the open breeding and spreading again.

Yet many of us dream of a utopian world.And that made us react.Abeit a aforementioned happiness,something still doesn’t seem right. True enough,it starts as a bud and then blooms into a revolution,but are we watering the right flower?

Let us say ,we do manage to control this out break. Let us say we manage to cure AIDS ,but that doesn’t mean we are free from it just yet.The virus can evolve.Now are we ever going to cull something like that? As you know once the bug enters,you don’t immediately become sick,it wears you down,that is the ultimate aim of it all.How do we know if something is in us,if it doesn’t act? What is society’s blood? 

India is her villages,is something we all know.Then there lies our blood? even though there has been an exodus and the agri drain to the cities,our test should lie there.All of us,are comfortable with our cities and our surroundings.Yet this wonder drug will be fought by the creatures,they would still want to eat you(I mean the principles not the people) . Then the only solution is to give this drug to the sick.Development then would be the alive.Yet how can you teach a person who can’t read and write to use a computer? 

How can we make a lazy man who is willing to sell himself get a skill and then sell the skill? How can we simply put ,make sure our food isn’t poisoned? Surely their is enough jealousy to make them want to drag us into a negation of ourselves? The very thing they try to do is make us fight against ourselves and destory is from within.I am not talking merely about the villages now,the blood flows and the heart my friend are the cities.

And we are living in the heart.And we are the brains too.So a judicious mix of both can get us out of this.If we do find a wonder drug,we not only need to cure them of the disease but also give them enough support to rise above this negation .Simply put we need to make them realize that for a person who can work,there is a world waiting and that suffering isn’t everything without restrictions there is a world.I know it tough to actually make them realize that they have brains,but then we can make them feel it if we try hard enough.

And to start that,we need to use education as the tool.Prevention is better than cure.If we clean the upstream we don’t need to pick out the waste downstream.If we put this wonder drug called “education” , progress then is possible.

And to conclude my comment on Indyeah’s blog

well when you talk of art and freedom,it is a question of principle….what is happening today is simple,few people are talking us all for a ride…we have the option to kick them out and take the wheel or get down and walk…



I had asked a question,is religion necessary? And I had many varied answers,but the majority are convienced that what we have to day is not necessary and I would agree, we have painted the core values so much that we are afraid to even look at it,but still when ever says it is ugly,we take a stick to them.I think it is time we paint it white before the melee makes it black.

And again ,I leaveyou  all with a question to ponder,



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  • The solution you proposed is rather simple! Most of the things that are done in the name of protecting culture or protecting liberty have, atleast a remote economic connection. If you get the message that is underlying in both the sides, perhaps we could have more clarity. But looking at the solution proposed by you, maybe you already have that deeper understanding.

    Destination Infinity

  • Kapil says:

    The moral brigade thinks what has been happening for so long is what defines our culture. They don’t see the winds of change that have redefined the Indian fabric. There can be new threads which can be woven with the old ones, but they choose to disagree that we are the culture.

    Pub hopping, living in, drinking, wearing minis, all these can’t be defined as good or bad by anyone, because it’s a question of choice, which is only the individual’s. As long as it doesn’t affect anyone, no one should take offence.

  • Solilo says:

    Education is important. Also realizing where the actual problem lies. The issue is not about drinking or clothes. Fanatic outfits pick those to get their fame. No one cares about actual issues. Half of our population have no clue of what’s happening in India because nothing affects them. They are in deep poverty fending for living.

  • keshi says:

    Education for ALL is what we need.


  • Indyeah says:

    ”And to start that,we need to use education as the tool.Prevention is better than cure.If we clean the upstream we don’t need to pick out the waste downstream.If we put this wonder drug called “education” , progress then is possible.”

    well said indeed!All in a nutshell..
    If only people paid more attention to these issues rather than ones that are of no imporatnce..

    read your tag below…you are GOING to be 18???

    A very wise head on mature shoulders I have to say!
    keep writing!

  • @DI: true enough,I think what we need to do is not be that emotional and try to be a fair judge…

    @kapil: exactly what I mean the moral brigade has been thought to think that we aren’t given a choice,we need to teach them that…

    @solilo: animals are born to survive,man is born to live…if we consider them as humans,we need to teach them to live…

    @keshi: we don’t need no education 🙂

    @indyeah: exactly but those of us who can see the real issue,need to point it out 🙂

  • BTW, you have been tagged on the topic “Slow Melodious and Soulful songs”.

    Destination Infinity

  • Quirky Indian says:

    It’s education – more specifically, the knowledge that other people have rights too…..


    Quirky Indian

  • Shail says:

    Education is important but somehow has not been enough, not the conventional education anyway coz I see all around me the conventionally educated unable to step out of their ‘koopa mandooka budhi’ (frog in the well mentality which refuses to acknowledge there exists an ocean out there). Exposure, awareness, acceptance, knowledge… that there exist people with different perspectives and the right to think and live life their way…
    You are absolutely right . “What is more startling is the amount of people who are ready to take such values and infact go about trying to enforce them.” Startling and depressing!!

  • arvind says:

    i dont know what is education but i know there is somthing very wrong with thekind of education we get here 😛

  • Kriti says:

    Pink Floyd pretty much summed it up…

  • @DI 😛

    @quirky: exactly 🙂

    @shail: the education we get today is not education at all…it is preparing machines!

    @arvind: true 🙂

    @kriti: exactly 😀

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