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January 23, 2009 § 16 Comments


Its no more Barack H Obama,it is president Barack H Obama. So there we have it,like everyone else around the world,I too was glued to the T.V. ,as arguably the world’s most powerful office was taken over by a man who promises much.And as a prelude to what we might expect, he stopped a trail in Guantanmo Bay and is all set to close it.

Solilo rasied a few interesting points about our democracy and this was my comment:-


I like this post,my view about our country is simple
-our constitution is the third epic we have given to the world,after mahabaratha and ramayana.
-democracy is the biggest hypocrisy.Not that I am communist either,in fact democracy seems better of the two devils.The fact is only we “educated” people bother about all this,for the farmer,if he gets free T.V,he doesn’t realize he has to pay more bribes,or maybe they are used to it,like we are paying to cops etc..
-having a single person seems more dangerous,see what Bush did..
-whats the solution now? proper democracy? ya right and how are we ever going to bring out fair play? maybe give a fair play award,like FIFA does in every world cup..simple the cup would be sold..

I know I sound rather cynical and pessimistic,but then seriously we need people who are dedicated.The talk about how we were united during freedom struggle is all fine,we knew the face of the “enemy” but now we don’t.Not just as a state,but as the “global village”.


So continuing from where i left,I have never really thought of democracy as what Mr.Lincoln said -of the people,by the people,for the people. 

Basically “people ” here would mean the majority. Now how do we know that the majority is right? If majority is always right,then how did we end up with a Bush? And it was funny seeing Americans themselves almost booing Bush. So is majority always right? 

There is a saying in Tamil “Makal theeirpa makesan theeirpa” or “the people’s judgement,is God’s judgement”.I am sure there is a saying to that effect in every language. But past the romanticism of such sayings,throughout history we have seen people’s judgement as a society, not being “sane” shall we say.

The fact remains that society is a summation of individuals.Now most individuals are gullible(not enough integrity,I would say,Et tu Brute?),so if one person can harangue their belief to the masses,something like Antony did,then we are left with a judgement of one person .Without trying to digress into the merits of Brutus’ actions(after all under the statue it was,right?) ,what we do know,is that the crowd is always willing to jump on to boat with more gold.Nothing is more emphatic than bribing people for votes.

There are so many things,which we have to accept as a part of society,de reguiuer more than anything else. Yet we teach kids(I am  still  a kid) to be truthful,be honest etc, the most blasphemous thing about it is blackmail( it is blackmail ) -“God will poke your eye.” As a kid,growing up,I thought for a long time,adults as those who have values,kids are the ones who are frivolous as they don’t get the seriousness of life(blah blah blah{my am I falling in love with BODMAS?}) and when I did realize that adults are the ones who really a rope around the foot,it was some sort of revelation.

Majority isn’t always right. It seems a very mean conclusion to arrive at,particularly seeing the things majority dream about. For all the talk of majority wins, it actually took a single individual to get us (allegedly) independence.Yes,there were a lot of others,but they all were (to eulogize)a force,yet not too big enough. While Munna Bhai might be standing elections and making a few promiscuous statement about family names, we are still voting for the better devil.

And devils being devils ,have a set formula. Say you get this and that.Unity or communalism ,democracy or the thumb rule. The manifesto the “leaders” deliver,seems to be a mirror,they reflect what the people want to hear,yet they are painted behind.We are a nation which dreams about unity,about a social equity,yet it is easier for a criminal to hold a seat,in the highest house,while for others to hold on to their houses seems difficult.

The majority of us,don’t want wars or torture.Now try telling that to Taliban or Israel ? Are we trying to sell something here,which no one will buy? Or should we coat it with oil or stud with diamonds which they anyway have? 

Questioning the human standard of “goodness” is what all we “good” people do.Yet beyond the first question,we have never travelled,now I do wonder,if we “good” were to choose a leader who would it be?

There is the concept of “mixing it” in football.Where in you just don’t play pretty passing game,you put in a few hard tackles and may be even break a couple of foot.But aren’t we supposed to be breaking the foot of the common enemy? Now the common enemy team,lets say are these :-

Terrorism:-Well my views are very clear about terrorism

From photoshopped


From photoshopped

Politicians and their divide and rule policy:-

From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped

I am tempted to add religion but abstained(immaculate) from it.Mainly because,it is the root.I don’t consider it as a social problem,it is something far wider,it is in the mind,a psychological problem,no one would ever in the name of God or in the name of not believing(we are a nation of Hindus,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs,Parsis, Buddhists and non-believers )in it commit atrocities which violate every sense of pride an animal has.

So these evils we need to throw a few hard tackles at.Yet what is the problem? It is their method for one thing(fire for fire maybe?) and we are too humane to consider hurting them.And end of the day,we are happy to live our lives(nothing wrong in that,only thing we might get affected someday ).

The only reason why Israel bombs Gaza is because Gaza has no nuclear weapons,same thing with Iraq and Afghanistan,now why then Afghanistan’s neighbor not bombed? Simple,even though they brew the Taliban mix,they have nuclear bombs, Blackmail. So where is freedom and democracy ?

I am not far from the truth,when I say,equity is still a dream and will always be a dream for the society.The more globalised we become,the more we would tend to discriminate:-

A good example are the reservation policies, it is not about each one according to your worth,oh! no it is all about which caste you belong to! And oh! whats the preamble again?

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


Hypocrisy ? Good enough,isn’t it.Well it is an epic as I said. We  find the government doing work against all this.But what I should appreciate is that if I were in a communist country I would not even be allowed to write this. So much for my two paise of freedom. I live in a large Metro and one of the country’s safest,I have no clue of communal violence except what I read and see on T.V. I will proudly say,my city is one in which communal violence will not boil out.

So back to the whole issue of majority.When the parties try to sell positions in the country,how far are we from the old situation?What are the virtues and what are the vices? The ban against Smoking,hasn;t gone anywhere. Nor has U.N. done anything great about human rights situation(OMG! UN? WHATS THAT?) in many countries.



From photoshopped


The leaders and whom so ever it is gain power,thanks to support.So as a society we need to do something( not watch NDTV and send SMSes and comments). Whatever system arises,there will be some problems which arise,as the aces dealt are equal(wow! something is fair!) to all.The fiends ,will grow along,but we need to grow faster than them.We need to evolve into something they can’t catch.And at doing all this,we need to do it in a way,which our “inner voice” will agree. When we choose someone,we need to know what they do.Maybe instead of the budget,the government should publish the cash flow for each project it undertakes.Maybe,we educated need to stand up and take control. In times when we are moving into the age of intelligence, a person who is still stuck with medieval ideas can do no good. And without pointing fingers,what we will have to do is,take up the onus and try to initiate a change. 

And to change, it is the children(nurture) whom we can start it with.The terrorists have learned it well.We should make sure,that the poor kids learn values which do the world good. We need to stop war,as all it does is cause more anger,when an action is so sever ,what about the reaction? We need people with the same standards.

President Obama seems to be the person, but I am not that sure others are going to cooperate. 

Lets hope for the best.

From photoshopped

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§ 16 Responses to Democracy,majority, India and the world

  • PJ says:

    hehe wat a mockery

    u r good at criticizing

    a post wth the preamble wow!

  • God! This post really made me think and think deep! Incidentally i am going to fight with the ERO of my area to ensure my name is in the rolls for the upcoming elections.

  • The constitution is one pathetic document. It’s nothing original, seriously self-contradictory and flawed in many parts, does not have the ability to evolve for the better (on the other hand it has degraded over the years), does not guarantee human rights, gives more importance to the state than the citizens and cannot even guarantee the minimum rights it assures its citizens.

  • Reema says:

    good long post.

  • I don’t understand why, a system which works for the UK and countries like that, doesn’t work for us?

    Destination Infinity

  • Dinesh Babu says:

    Lets hope for the best. As always loved your cartoons and liked the last picture very much!

  • Chiranjib says:

    very insightful post!

  • leafless says:

    Democracy is like a young flower. It needs a lot of nurturing at the beginning; this can be a painfully slow process. But once it becomes mature, beauty ensues. Patience is required.

  • Biju Mathews says:

    I hope we could create more leaders like Obama especially in India. All we have is Drug abusers and twisted minds like Sanjay Dutt as budding politicians. Keep Blogging!

    I’ve included a no to Sanjay Dutt aka criminal political candidates badge in my blog

  • Solilo says:

    So basically everything is an experiment. 🙂

    As for Bush’s term there must be something right for him to have run 2 terms. He was just the face. Cheney was the mind is a topic for another discussion.

    Now coming back to what we talked. What is the solution? What si the purpose of elections when a candidate loses and still is made our Home Minister. Isn’t people’s verdict out? So if party has the last say then billions of people needs not waste their money and energy voting.

    Why do you think Obama is going to be a right person? Because of his speeches? Because that’s written by a panel of experts. Let his work speak now.

    Coming back to India, since we don’t have a 2 party system and we are always going to have a coalition govt. what is the solution? I don’t think our constitution can be changed. So finally all we can do is to at least try to keep criminals and inexperienced oldies away from politics.

    Let us vote for young blood not 75+ oldies. But then most of us are sitting abroad blogging away (like me) and very few who are left in India are already disappointed with the whole system. In the end the uneducated mass turn out for voting in large numbers lured by parties and vote for Munnabhais, Kaalias and all.

    Coming back to your post, very well written.

  • Oh no. It is simple. Don’t serve crap in the plate and no one will eat it then. We need to take the word of law more seriously. Not allow criminals to sit in the parliament. That will take away half the trash. Replace them with the white knights. But that won’t happen.

    I am not a fan of majority too, especially in a country like India. Because majority is bought, not won.

  • @pj: 🙂

    @compulsive: ha thats nice 🙂

    @raj: true enough..

    @reema: 😀

    @DI: because we don’t believe in it.

    @dinesh: 😀 😀 😀

    @chiranjib: 🙂

    @leafless: Hmm…in this sense, beauty or brains? or a mix of both?

    @biju: welcome to my blog.

    @solilo: I agree lets see Obama work 🙂 And true Munnabhais will keep along as long proper people don’t stand…

    @kapil: true about majority…now don’t serve crap,what if thats the only thing we have?

  • lena says:

    well, really a thoughtful post, yet all talking wont work, same with Obama. He can talk a lot, let see what he can do instead, and what he will do, and yet, how does it matter for India for example?

  • Chirag says:

    Dude the preamble is awesome. Hope the change is one its way.

  • Charul says:

    Be the change you want to see in the world. – M. K. Gandhi

    Saina Nehwal, seeded 10 then, was sure to miss a major badminton tournament had it not been for top authority in the country, Chief Passport Officer who bailed her and country’s representation in her out in time.

    The only law suits that do seem get to decree are the ones taken upon by ballyhoo guys. You need not let it get you down though, there are temples at every nook and corner and especial poojas rather effective in expediting the legal process, they’ll tell you.

    I saw a middle aged villager once outside a civic body office, sharing his wisdom of things with his wife, as if Langad came alive out of the leaves of Raag Darbari. He said, “ye babu log daftar ane ki tankha leten hain aur kaam karne ke paise lete hain”. Words of wisdom indeed, if nothing else works, show some green and see how they spring to action.

    But hasn’t it changed? Since the arrival of instruments like RTI, despair seems to be lurking about only those who are oblivious to these positive changes. IndiaForYou, a forum where apathy gives way to action, by the power of information, is of the view, lets not wait for leaders. Latest case of their hullabaloo in the house, on Gandhi’s belongings, which is going to get followed by a liberal supply of humble pie when the issue runs into intricacies of obtaining import license required for bringing anything of historical interest back in the country, an ill though up law by these leaders only, gives us another reminder that our leaders know not the first thing about what goes in the house they occupy, busy with subsistence politics most of them couldn’t care less.

    But let’s not paint them with a broad brush. We all know at least one officer and at least a handful of leaders who we know are honest and on that account are often found sulking even suffering at the hand of their colleagues. IndiaForYou, urges these people to come out for your wisdom of the system is worth its weight in gold. We have to do things on our own, let’s all stand together and make the system move.
    I invite you all, all you citizen of India, to join this movement of awareness. Let’s take the movement to every city, every village and villager of the country, it’s incumbent on us literates to learn, share and spread the word, and spread the knowhow of how to make the system work, lets anticipate together a paradigm change in bureaucracy and governance when they shall get used to working, incompetence shall suffer an evolutional loss, happy riddance!, shall reclaim its lost respect, apathy shall be jettisoned along the way, dream further that bureaucracy shall be seen as a respectable career avenue, the brain, instead of draining out, shall feel proud to join in, that the most able minds and willing hearts thus will govern the country. Dream on, dream together.

    It’s all possible, we have but to make it!
    Come join the movement.

  • I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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